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Wave Zombies Shooter (Latest Build 1/12/2012)

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    Wave Zombies Shooter (Latest Build 1/12/2012)

    Hello all! For the past month about I have been working on a wave zombies shooter game (like Nazi Zombies) in the UDK with my own (hopefully creative) twist on it. This so far is only a project for me, and as being only a project, it is only meant to display the skills and techniques I have learned to bring my "ideas" somewhat to life.

    1st Video:

    The major parts of this task was creating all of the UI in Flash. This still isn't 100% working for me, because if you were to compare the original flash movies to the Scaleform converted movies seen in the game, the coloring is all wrong. For some odd reason, 90% of all colors were inverted in Scaleform version.

    Major features I'm proud to present in this video:

    -Zombies have pathfinding! There's no escaping them (unless you move outside the navmeshes )
    -Completely different weapon system than UT
    -"True" first person. Lots of clipping though. And he has no head in shadows.
    -A point/cash system has been implemented. You use these points to buy ammo/weapons etc.
    -Weapon buying system implemented with the point system
    -A loadout system is currently partly implemented. As you can see in the video, there are a lot of options, but only one actually works. Haha
    -Points get you military support! Bank up enough points without going down and you can call in support (air support is shown in video)

    Things I'd like to point out:
    -There are no real visual accomplishments in this build. I am by no means an artist. As coding is my expertise, I do what I can with models and such.
    -I'd like to say I have a pretty seamless reloading system with the weapons. There is no animation (as per the reason above) so instead it just says "Reloading..." in the bottom right corner.
    -The AI for the helicopter is pretty iffy. Sometimes for whatever reason it has some troubles locking on to a target. And it also moves toward the target every time it shoots to the point where if it shoots for a long amount of time it eventually lands on the ground. Currently trying to fix that.

    Game description of final product:
    The game is set in a post zombie apocalyptic world, where the humans are, after countless years of being pushed back by the zombies, finally retaliating back. You are the leader of Opossum Squad (still remains a mystery to even the squad members why you're called that). You are sent in to areas deemed "Infested" by Command to clean and rid all zombies, though you can never completely clear an area. Due to your slightly higher than average IQ level and the high amount of arrogance and smart ***-ness, you are literally at the bottom of the GHIA (Global Human Intelligence Agency) ranks. But to avoid serious charges and fines from the Human World Government, Command is required to provide any support requested from you. Every about 10-20 waves, the Horde round begins. Every map will have an area deemed the "Horde Defense Area." Command will send a large sqaud (around 20-30 troops) to provide support to help defend against a horde of around 150-200 fast moving zombies. These rounds are meant to help the player rack up massive amounts of points and just slay a **** load of zombies.

    Hopefully I will have some pretty regular updates to this thread/game and a new youtube video each time. I am always open to criticism, support, and help. If you would like to help, then shoot me a PM. I hopefully want to develop this into a full game.

    So comment and tell me what you think! Thanks for the time and interest!

    TOPPP, nice 1 broo


      Hahh! This looks very fun to play indeed! Nice job with all the scripts! Gameplay definitely has something there! Looking forward to seeing some more stuff coming out of this thread