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Renegade X - Pre-Release Trailer!

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    Renegade X - Pre-Release Trailer!

    Hey guys! First of all, we'd like to thank all of you for voting for Renegade X during the 2011 Best Upcoming Indie of the Year awards! We achieved the #2 spot with your help. It could not have been possible without your support. Next year, we'll be aiming for the Best Released Game, and if we attain that, we'll be the first game that win all four players choice awards.

    Not long ago, we announced that our short singleplayer campaign Operation Black Dawn will be released on January 28th, 2011. It is a 1-2 hour 10-part experience complete with ingame cinematics. The purpose of Black Dawn is to demonstrate what the the team has accomplished since going standalone with the UDK. The multiplayer version of Renegade X will come later. Black Dawn will be the first standalone Renegade X release, which means in the future, all versions of Renegade X will not require UT3 at all.

    New Trailer!

    Check out our latest Black Dawn ingame video below!

    That's all for now! Keep your eyes peeled for more updates in the near future - including the season finale of the Renegade X Community Q&A. Remember, the Black Dawn release is just 29 days away! We wish you all a happy New Year!

    Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter, ModDB and at!/RenXGame

    This looks very proffesional and well produced for an indie game. Wonder how large the team was and how long time this was in production?

    A few things I didn't like though.
    First of all the music was quite distracting and i had to mute it before the trailer was over. And it's not because I'm into a specific type of music either, I'm into all sorts but this music is about as typical as it gets for a trailer and it has just become noise to my ears.

    Secondly, there's nothing unique shown to me in the trailer or anything that seems better than other games of the same type. I saw an fps shooter multiplayer with vehicles. Now of course I realise it's a remake of that C&C fps game but you should really be able to "sell" this game without any additional information required. It didn't show me anything unique and if it's the same as others of the type it didn't seem better than them either.

    Doesn't mean it isn't better than others of the same type or that it isn't unique but as far as selling the game to me, it didn't work.
    Graphics wise it's pretty for an indie game, and you're releasing something which is better than what most devs can say

    Anyways, looking forward to see more


      Hello mQe, thanks for your constructive post!

      It's a bit difficult to show what is unique about Renegade X in a short trailer, but essentially, the project is set out to be a tactical FPS with RTS elements. So not only will it feature dozens of different weapons and vehicles, but it will have two totally unique factions (with different weapons, vehicles, fighting styles), bases and structures (like powerplants, refineries, automated defenses, vehicle factories etc.), an economy, purchasable superweapons, etc. Instead of simple Deathmatch or Capture the Flag, the endgame for Renegade X is to destroy the enemy team's base while protecting your own, so going above and beyond the average FPS experience. It's quite a unique concept once you look at everything altogether.

      The first release will be singleplayer only, which is quite a short campaign, but it'll be our first big step to a full release.


        Then you could've shown footage of the base building and money mechanics or/and have text explaining the various unique features, for example


          The above video is just advertising our singleplayer campaign, but if you'd like to see the mechanics I've mentioned, check the video below