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Colorless - Fantasy Fairy Tale

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    Colorless - Fantasy Fairy Tale


    Colorless, a rough draft I've been working on fleshing out over the past few days is a combination of old fairy tales (such as The Golden Apple, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Cinderella, etc) slammed together in one unforgettable, magical world. Complete with a main storyline that tells the tale of an unbelievable, good vs. evil struggle and one boy's chance at saving his world and honoring his family (doesn't sound too generic yet does it? haha). Below is a summary rough draft of the main storyline that I've written to set the scales of the project, and to branch out to the other German and Persian fairy tales I'm implementing into the world.

    Please note this is my first attempt at writing anything, as I'm not a writer and more of a technical professional.


    Like stated above this is a fantasy world filled with magic, dragons, knights, and of course wizards! It is good to note that there are no humanoids in this game, instead the world will be represented in character by forest creatures (foxes, rabbits, birds, mice, etc - much like your average Disney movie). I've tried incorporating in even the rough draft a cartoony style environment.


    Antagonist Point of View

    There was once a Weave-Mother, looked upon by all in the Kingdoms for her almost magical talent at the craftsmanship of cloth and leather. Everyone from when a new warrior arose in the land, or a fair lady being courted by a prince...the Weave-Mother was the one to look to for the apparel they would wear. The Weave-Mother, after long awaiting, was finally invited to the New Years Eve party(this is not a New Years Eve party as we know it, but one that celebrates the beginning of the spring season, in which everything comes to life in vibrant colors). The party consists of dances and song, ale and food, and most importantly exotic dresses and apparel.

    The Weave-Mother was ecstatic with the thought of such elegant entertainment at last! So much planning and work was to be done before the night of the party. She often didn't do anything outside of mastering her craft, and rose to the idea of actually dining with such royalty. She decided that this called for a special occassion, and special materials. The Weave-Mother sent her champion to retrieve the hide of the serpent king, a large fearsome snake that plagued the land. The Champion came back successful, and she spent the rest of her many weeks preparing her dress she'd wear for the party with the magnificant, nearly-hypnotizing black hide that she had acquired.

    Then the night of the party came, having prepped her elegant black dress to perfection one last time, she was certain to be the center of attention with such a rare prize of leather. When she arrived though, she was sadly mistaken. The young court men floundered helplessly at the site of the other pale, vibrant women wearing their oh-so colorful dresses. The Weave-Mother became outraged, jealousy struck...and a hate for the ignorance of not understanding the work and rarity of her dress by the other men began to sicken her. She busted out the castle doors in a fit, disrupting the whole party, yelling obsenities and running blindly down the castle path and into the darkness...

    After what seemed as though an eternity, the Weave-Mother finally stopped to catch her breath. She didn't know how far she had run or where she was....and still filled with anger she didn't right care either. She suddenly seen a spark of light come from behind one of the trees, and a shadowy-figure walked up to her, just outside of moonlight to keep the figure's face concealed. The figure introduced himself as the Faerie of the Night, and all things that came with it. He consoled the Weave-Mother, and with a silver tongue gave her sympathy regarding the events that took place this night at the party, complimenting her on the color of her dress....and when the Faerie of the Night finally decided that the Weave-Mother was trusting of him, he laid out his treacherous scheme. He stated that if there was no difference in color, if everything were black and white like the Night, then her dress would be the fairest in the land. Nothing would compare, and that the court men would have no option but to run to her. She became excited with the thought, her jealousy for the other women still boiling in her breast.

    She accepted the Faerie of the Night's wager, and for her soul he would rid the land of color and difference. With that, the Faerie of the Night waved his hands frantically and the Weave-Mother crashed into a deep slumber. when she awoke, she couldn't believe her eyes! She thought at first that she must be going partially blind, but she soon remembered what happened in the forest the night prior. It was true! The Faerie of the Night had wiped all color, whites and shades of grey were all that was left to be seen in the world. She instantly felt the coldness of her surroundings set in, and knew the deal she had struck would cost her much...the world was now Colorless...

    Protagonist Point of View

    The [Main Character] was raised in the town of [Town Name] by his father who was Champion of the surrounding castle and mother who helped with the daily chores and duties around the house. Ever since [Main Character] was a young boy, his father had grand dreams of his son taking his place as the castle champion - though his son had different ideas regarding his future. He was an aspiring artist; Painting, sculpting, engineering...a real Da Vinci of sorts. Even so, his father still forced him to train by the blade, even though his son was less than enthusiastic about the whole idea. He was a natural with the sword though, just like his father...

    When the world turned Colorless, the Kingdoms called up a committee to discuss what needed to be done about the ordeal. They were uncertain about what powers were at work, but they had already tasted the outcome of them. With the removal of color came despair, lack of will, and fatigue. None of the people could find the strength to do even the simplest of tasks. His father, along with the other champions of the kingdoms were dispatched to find what evil had manifested itself in the Kingdoms...

    Even with the colorless plague on the land [Main Character], with all his adversity, continued his study of the arts. Most of the town folk found this behavior queer, as there was no reason for it was all colorless, all dismal. Still, to take his mind off his father being at war he continued...

    One day there came a knock on the front door. It was the castle courier delivering news of his father's death. The courier handed his mother the rest of his father's belongings, mostly blood stained and tattered, and then departed with a gentle nod to the [Main Character]. He became infuriated...the colorless had taken away two things now that he'd loved...his art, and his father.

    That night, as the boy cried himself to sleep, he dreamed...he dreamed in color. He was on a plateau hovering over the clouds with three very large crystal-like objects floating in front of him - Red, Green, and Blue orbs. He awoke. He pondered on the dream, but didn't think much more of it other than the fact that he had actually seen color for the first time in awhile. The next 3 nights he dreamed the same dream, each with more vibrant colors involved. He finally mentioned his dreams to his mother, who in turn suggested that her son make the trip to the castle keep and speak with the King's Seer. He did so - the Seer had much to say on the issue. First calling it blasphemy that he was dreaming in color, then cooling off and thinking. He brought the boy to the King - For, if the news were true, he'd be the only one in nearly 8 years that had seen as much as a hint of color...

    The King soon discovered while speaking with the boy that he was the son fo his fallen Champion[boy's father], and asked the boy if his father had trained him by the sword. The boy nodded. The king then went on to ask if the boy would train to take his father's place. For the first time the boy knew what needed to be done. His father had often stated that one day he too would have to defend the things he loved, and that it would be by the blade. The boy accepted the king's request...during this time news reached the castle that the Weave-Mother had been spotted not too far from the outlying property of the Kingdom. With the King having his new champion, and the first news of the Weave-Mother since her disappearance that night at the party, he decided that this would be an excellent task for the boy to prove his worth and push forward to his own revenge. His father's death would not be in vain...

    After visiting his mother once more, and picking up his father's sword, the boy set out to obtain information from the Weave-Mother...and so his adventure began...


    The game would take on a fantasy action RPG playing much like that of Kingdom Hearts. In a cartoony, witty world filled with familar stories and and ever-so-darkening main plot. As the boy pushes forth in his journey, more and more of the color of the world begins to show (being black and white at first). Ultimate goal is to find the evil force behind the colorless plague and to restore all color to the kingdoms.


    Again, first time ever trying to write anything. I'm sure there are a ton of grammatical and punctuation errors but meh. Please provide comments, suggestions and criticism where they apply if you can!