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    Thanks aRny,
    Yea, just wanted to save people reading a whole bunch, and show myself playing the game in the process. We are making sure to have the game be fun and play well, before we start making lots of art and stuff. Art is a major part of a game in setting mood and feel, however with a top down game like this, we can't hide the fact that gameplay is priority #1.


      excellent, something diffident it reminds me on jagged alliance, i hope that you will work on hud add some spice to it, maybe some portraits when select soldiers, and icons of weapons that are holding etc,

      And as i said very good job thumbs up.


        Hey Everyone,

        We have another video done, check it out below:

        And here at IndidDB

        Excuse the crudeness of the physics, we are just super excited to have destruction and well... wanted to share!

        Feel free to contact us:
        contact [at]
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          Hey Everyone,

          We have a Teaser Trailer, check it out below:

          IndidDB development blog

          Feel free to contact us:
          contact [at]
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            Hey guys,

            Just want to let everyone know that the Alpha version of Recruits is available now!
            Help support our development and head over to Desura to grab it and give it a go now.

            Please remember that it is currently in Alpha and it will be constantly updated and made more fun with regular updates!

            Well, check it out.

            Feel free to contact us:
            contact [at]
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              Hey everyone,

              We just released our Recruits Alpha v0.021 over at Desura!

              Head over to Desura now to buy it now and support the creation of this game.

              Take a look at the change log notes below to get an overview of specific details for the release:
              General Fixes
              Fixed XP total now adds up
              Fixed Missions load in correct order
              Fixed Continue button at level end
              Fixed Squad dont dismember when incapacitated
              Added incapasitated flashig symbol
              Fixed Countdown is now in minutes
              Fixed Aiming at self shoot straight ahead
              Fixed Abilities are hidden when ALT is not pressed
              Added Delay to throwing grenades
              Changed Shoot range
              Changed Soldier names update
              Added Arctic Level (Mission 4)
              Added RPG men as enemies (red characters)
              Added M48 Patton Tank (work in progress)
              Added Claymores
              Fixed Mines
              Added C4
              Fixed Decals dont flicker much
              List of useful buttons:
              N - Places a Claymore
              M - Places a Mine
              V - is melee attack (no animations yet)
              E - Use/Grab
              G - Cycles through available grenades
              1,2,3 - Weapon Hotkeys

              Feel free to contact us:
              contact [at]
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                Hey Guys,
                Just wanted to share a Free wallpaper I made with everyone. 1920x1080

                Check out some gameplay and help support us over at Desura!

                Feel free to contact us:
                contact [at]
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                  Hi Robbo,

                  this looks brilliant!! This takes me back to the C&C days.. Im sure many people simiarlise your game with that.
                  What would be your response to that, the unique selling point of Recruits and its differences.

                  Keep up the good work :-)


                    Hey Guys!
                    Just a heads up, you can rate our development over at Steam Greenlight!
                    Hopefully we will make it there one day. It helps us get the word out about our game.

                    Check it out and support all your favorites!


                      Hey everyone!
                      Recruits v0.030 is up and ready to play!

                      Survival Desert Level! See how long you can last!


                        Hey All, Just wanted to share a new screenshot for our upcoming Stealth mission.

                        If you have steam check us out on greenlight!


                          Hey guys!
                          Just want to let you know of our update on IndieDB:
                          Recruits Alpha v0.032 Stealth Mission

                          Take a look at the video and see what you think!


                            Hey Guys, we had another update, Since the last one we had Andy help us out with a Jeep vehicle currently in our menu and soon to be in game:

                            You can check out details here:
                            IndieDB Page

                            Also vote Yes for us to get on Steam!


                              Hi there!

                              I really like what i'm seeing, it seems well thought-thru and i really like the bloodsplattering! I've watched every video you posted in this forumthread and i've got two things. 1st, i think another cool thing would be to be able to set fire to the surrounding. I mean while using the the flamethrower for example. Just a bush here and there and perhaps those bamboo/tree houses. Secondly, the guards seems weirdly positioned. Sometimes it's like they are just standing there looking in the complete wrong direction. Well, obsiously the guard doesn't know where the player is, but they probably do have an idea of where he would come from.

                              Another thing on the same subject. There were also situations where there was alot of guards holding a position. I really like this since it means heavy-action, but i had the same problem here. Some of the guards only stood in the middle of nowhere. They weren't ready for combat, they weren't talking to eachother and so on, just standing there waiting to get kill. I would say rather place them in a more "realistic" way. For example two of them sits down at a table and drink some booze or playing cards. Another two stands in a position where they are ready for combat but talking to eachother.

                              Don't get me wrong here. I really like this, it seems cool and i am most likely a buyer, but just ask your self ---why is this guard standing here? Does it makes sence? Is that what i would do if i was the guard?---

                              Once again, i really like this and i am looking forward to a complete release. Meanwhile i wish you the best of luck!


                                Hey Theller,

                                Yes we hope to get more work done to the Flamethrower once we finish up some new levels.

                                You are correct about the guards, and its definitely something on our list. We have patrolling guards and stuff in the stealth mission, and when they patrol near each other they stop... chat.. and then continue on..

                                Also, we want to share an awesome video first impressions by TheSparrow on youtube. It covers some of the game play aspects of Recruits and shows off a fair big of our special effects and levels.

                                There are a few bugs he gets in game but these are all fixed in the latest Alphav0.033 that is currently downloadable from Desura.

                                Check it out below, leave a comment, let us know what you think and enjoy the game!