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    Medieval Zombies Game

    All Updates Have Been Moved To here:

    Link To Development YouTube Channel:


    On this update I decided to switch it up a bit and start working on the characters. This character is wearing the starting armor that you will have when you start the game demo. It is not near complete, but it is getting there. I also added some fire to the map and then edited the landscape for a village to be added.


    This update includes me finding a better recording software haha. The actual update consists of a few different physics assets being added a cart, and for the main part, the castle. The castle is no where near complete but I just added in the basic layout of the outside walls. I still need to add some foliage around it, fix the landscape, and create a lot more assets before the castle is completely done. Sadly, in this update rain and the wind was not included because I have had some serious issues with the rain I made. (Same as what I said below)

    If anyone know how to allow a projectile to pass through a static mesh I would be very happy if you would share


    This Update Just Includes the map in which the demo will be played on, as of now no custom characters, weapons, vehicles, or bots have been created. These will all come in the near future. This update Includes an overview of the whole island and what I have done so far. In the next update I hopefully will have a castle, rain, and wind added to all foliage.

    Please Leave Constructive Criticism If You Have Any!


    Screen Shots

    Since it's medieval, are you planning to make a melee weapon system? If so, I don't know if you already saw a game called 'Chivalry: Medieval Warfare'? It's a WIP also made with UDK, it has very a interesting medieval melee system (you can find videos about it at Youtube)
    As for the map itself, I think its still too raw to give an opinion about it, so I'm gonna wait for future updates. =)
    Are you alone in this project?


      Yes, I will be making a melee weapon system. I have seen the game you were talking about and I really like their weapon system, but I have an idea in mind how I would like to set mine up. I know the map is raw and it is in very early stages. I will be adding many more assets to make it look better. Also I will be creating a post processing chain and adding rain that will hopefully give it a more dark and grimy feeling. (Sorry that the only really way I know how to word that haha)

      I am pretty much working on this all by myself, I have a friend who is in charge of all of the concept art and the plot, but everything on the computer at this stage is being done by me.

      What do you think would help get rid of that raw feeling. I am going to be tweaking the landscape materials and the path material to hopefully give it a more realistic feel. I also think adding different types of plants and rocks will help too.

      What suggestions do you have to make it look better? At this stage I am open to almost any idea


        looking good! one question How could you manage to add that ammount of grass with out a big perfomance impact?


          Originally posted by alvarofer0021 View Post
          looking good! one question How could you manage to add that ammount of grass with out a big perfomance impact?
          If you watch the video, it seems to be going very slow. Could be recording software though.


            I am sorry for the poor video quality, I have yet to purchase a higher quality screen recorder. It ran at a wonderful frame rate while recording. As for setting up the grass and how I got it to work. I first made a few planes in 3ds Max and modeled them to a few different grass blade shapes, and arranged them into a small patch.

            As you can see, these blades are pretty low res, which will help performance, but they are also high enough that I can create a wind material that will look good.

            After that imported it into UDK and made the material and all the usual stuff.

            Then I just painted it the foliage tool.

            Finally, the part which helps the performance the most is setting up the LOD's. To do that I exported the grass model and for each LOD I deleted one or a few blades of grass and set it up to switch LOD's at a distance that the person playing almost have to be looking for to find.

            I have one question for you all, I probably is an easy fix but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to solve it.
            On this map I am trying to add rain... What I have so far is the rain planes set up and the rain material made. When I bring the planes on the map the rain looks great, but when I shoot a weapon, the projectiles collide with the rain planes mesh which is not the effect I want. I wish to have any and all projectiles to be able to pass through the static mesh unaffected. I have gone through several properties trying to fix this, but I have no luck.

            If anyone reading this post has set up rain before in their map and have advice or help for me, please post. Thanks

            Also, would using rain planes even be the best method to accomplish what I want? The map I have is rather large and would creating a particle system or a post processing chain be a better path to follow?



              Did you set your rain material to be translucent? Go to Material Editor and check under the Material tab, if the Blend Mode is BLEND_Translucent.


                For the projectile, maybe try turning bCollideWorld to false?


                  Yeah I did the things that your guys have both said from above... Thanks for the advice anyways, I really appreciate it. I am switching my method of making rain now. I am just going to make a particle system for rain and have it attached above the player to make it look like its raining.

                  I have on last question. Does anyone know if it possible to control if a particle system is turned on or off through kismet or Uscripting while a pawn in inside of a volume? Thanks

                  Also, how do you think it looks?