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Fur shader WIP

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    if someone knows how can i offset the shells so they will fall a bit in the Z falling fur,itll be a great help!.igot this working but it also leads to strange if somebody knows another way then ill be very happy to know about it.thanks

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  • started a topic Fur shader WIP

    Fur shader WIP

    heres a shot of my work in has many things to do..ididnt finish yet the lighting model.also theres no ability to control the fur randomness and petrubation..the fur alpha is premade in photoshop.ill make a customizable fur generator within the shader.heres the wooly mammoth:

    Uploaded with

    its a Shell based method..the Specular is something between Marschner and Kajiya(based on Kajiya)

    now it looks like a plush toy..maybe after petrubations itll look better :/..

    p.s:since UDK doesnt support multi pass render..the shells are premade.