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HSC - Initial Game Development

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    HSC - Initial Game Development

    Hi all,
    Just posting a few ideas for an up coming game for my HSC. Let me know what you think.

    Project Overview
    The player begins in an office-like building when a fire breaks out. Power has been cut to several areas of the building causing doors and safety vents to malfunction. Players must navigate through the building, re-connecting the power and escape the fire under two minutes before they begin to lose health from smoke inhalation. A further minute will result in the player’s death causing them to restart the game.

    Hazards will be included to challenge the player as they navigate the maze, decreasing their health until it reaches zero and the player must respawn to continue
    • Dropping grates will be included in an area of the map where the player must carefully move across a series of grates as they drop randomly, causing objects to fall into the fire pits below. Players will lose health if they are standing on top of a tile when it drops.
    • Moving Platforms will be used in a corridor where the player must time their actions to jump safely across several platforms suspended over fire. Players will be required to respawn if they fall into the fire
    • Crushing Doors will appear throughout the map which will open and slam shut at regular intervals. Players will need to avoid these in order to avoid health loss.

    Pickups will assist in increasing the level of interactivity within the game. Whilst optional, these pickups will greatly advantage users throughout the game.
    • A “Physx Gun” will be included in order to move dynamic items within the game. This will add further interactivity to the game and serve to assist in the navigation of the maze
    • A Movable Point Light will be available to players when navigating through the darkened area within the map. This will add to the interactivity within the game and assist in the navigation of the maze.

    Sounds create the atmosphere and the mood within the game. Sounds can be heard directly such as the crackle of a fire, or indirectly such as a sinister ambient soundtrack. Without them, the player can feel unnerved and feel as though something is missing.
    • Overall ambient sound which sets the mood. This will be activated after the player leaves the initial room
    • Fire crackle for in the corridor with fire
    • Bouncing floor tile sound for when an individual tile activates
    • Opening and closing sounds for all doors within the environment
    • Feedback from announcer regarding players progress and time remaining

    User Interface Scenes
    User Interface scenes are displays of text and or images which players can interact with. These scenes can be used to display additional information to a player.
    • UI scene which directs player to begin the game
    • UI scenes to instruct players how to interact with the world
    • UI scene to indicate to the player the status of objects such as a deactivated door
    • UI scene displayed to the player when the game has been won and lost

    Lighting is the most essential component within a game. It is responsible for objects will be displayed to the player and to incite different emotions from a player depending on the colour and brightness.
    • Multiple point lights to allow for areas without power

    You never said what type of gameplay you wanted.

    2.5d, 3d? Sidescroller platform? First Person? Third Person? Top down?


      Originally posted by Graylord View Post
      You never said what type of gameplay you wanted.

      2.5d, 3d? Sidescroller platform? First Person? Third Person? Top down?
      Sorry Graylord, I left that in my SOI. It is going to be a Top Down maze game