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Underwater Scene (Fish Inlcuded)

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    Me again...

    It seems that an environment is never truly finished, and as such I have:
    - Added more intense light shafts in the water.
    - Added a low-lying Fog Volume (as HeightFog actors can't stack on top of an ExponentHeightFog actor) to darken the scene the lower the camera is.
    - Tweaked with lighting to create a more complimentary colour scheme with greener light shafts among other things.
    - Fiddled with the character lighting on SkeletalMeshes to define them more.
    - Use a SceneCapture2D texture to create a more realistic water surface as well as toning down its Bloom Exponent.

    I experimented with Post-Process ColourGrading again, but it tended to wash out all contrast within the environment, which seemed to confuse the eye and draw attention nowhere.

    I'm pretty happy with this, but then there is always something extra to fiddle with :P


      And on that note, an update!
      The fog contrast has been upped, the plankton and particles are tweaked to look less square and the fish no longer barrel-roll for no reason!