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Just an Update ( Stopping Viral starting newer simpler project )

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    Originally posted by Archerx View Post
    We are not trolling nor griefing you. We are just telling you our opinion and reaction to your video.

    I'm sorry that the fact we did not praise you or say it was awesome = trolling.

    When people react in a negative way to my work I find out why and try to fix it! I don't start calling them trolls and griefer because that's kind of immature.

    Don't you want to have some pretty awesome videos? Well showing your desktop that is featuring another game and other irrelevant info is not the way. Maybe actually showing your game from start to finish in future videos?

    I give up because I'm probably still "trolling" you.
    +1 not trolling at all. If i was trying to troll you I'd start telling you that this was the best update ever, and that I want you to make more just like it. I'm calling it like it is and so is Archerx. If anyone is getting trolled here it's us by you having put up such an awful "update" video and us having been dumb enough to watch it.