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Dawn of the Spell

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    Dawn of the Spell

    Here is a game me a few others have been working on for the IGF.
    Sadly enough we have no art but instead awesome gameplay, we should have art soon ( I hope ).
    We have been working on this game since mid June.

    check out our gameplay montage here. Watch it in 720p!

    and if you are interested you can download our alpha build here.

    However it only supports LAN play at the moment, and you will need another person to connect to your game before you can get on the ground and start casting.
    You can always open up another instance for that :P

    Thanks for reading and tell me what you think

    Used that instancing to test it out.

    This is really cool. Great job on pushing the gameplay with the existing assets. I worked on warhammer onilne, which has a similar team deathmatch feel. With what you have here, this could lead to some high level skill gaming. The level design is neat too.

    Good luck with this!