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    what kind of skybox would it be? currently i think the solid colour is good because it isn't much of a distraction so the player can easily tell the difference between platforms and non platform. it goes well with the theme of simple shapes and colours. if i had to critique something it would be the lack of shadow on the player ball, since this game relies heavily on depth perception it may be hard to gauge exactly how high the ball. some ios games have be criticized in this manner, there is one particular platform game i can't remember off the top of my head about a man jumping with a balloon. this got mediocre reviews due to that little factor.

    totally off topic but on your "shake and hate ball" game what udk version where you using? i'm trying to play a movie file as the loading screen after the splash screen has ended but it just ignores it and continues with the "out" on the kismet node "control game movie". the file is an m4v.


      double post.


        very nice work, i love the style and overall look to the game . i think that a skybox would be good for telling the player that he is falling, but will be best if its kept to gradients like your current bg. woodesh has a good point about the shadow, i also think that due to the import of depth perception in the game it will be great if a shadow was there to tell you how far away the surface you plan to land on is. again great work and keep it up !


          Thanks for the feedback guys

          I took some screenshots so you can see the difference.

          This is the old one where the gradient is always pointing to the center of the screen and moves with the camera.

          This is the new skybox background, it's a bit lighter but the brightness changes depending on your height in the level. So as you're falling everything becomes bright, I like that so I think I'm going to keep it.

          I'm still using the the July 2011 UDK for this project but before I release it I'll move it up to the latest UDK for some DOF and maybe bloom effects. I will try and see if I can make the little dude have a dynamic shadow if performance allows.

          Right now he does have a shadow but I guess it's too subtle.


            Here's video preview number 3!

            This time we look at the UI and some of the bad guys, feedback is very welcomed!


              Sphoxie is pretty much done, now I'm just squashing bugs and making sure everything is running as smooth as possible. Once that's done I'll have a small beta to get some feedback before release.

              In the mean time here's one of the story slides!


                Wow, this is making huge strides. I can't wait to play it.


                  Thanks man, I'm starting my beta now so if anyone is interested in testing it out let me know.


                    Originally posted by Archerx View Post
                    Thanks man, I'm starting my beta now so if anyone is interested in testing it out let me know.
                    Hey Archerx,

                    Love the progress you have made with this game. If you need help feel free to contact me for testing or feedback. I own an iPod Touch 4g.

                    Good luck with Sphoxie!


                      Sphoxie is out!

                      Get it now!