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    iOS - Sphoxie

    I have been working on my next project for a while now since I have completed Bizango Blast.

    I would like to introduce "Sphoxie"! What is Sphoxie you ask? Well it is when a foxie box and a sphere clash!

    In Sphoxie you are in control of a spiked ball character, the spikes allow you to have more control on your enviroment and even let you stick to thing to a certain degree.

    The game is touch based, where you touch on the screen is where the ball will go, that ball is also controlled by physics when not being controlled by the player.

    Here is the player character, when not in control of the player the PC will have the spikes inside and when in control the spikes come out.

    The underside of the first level.

    Video Update

    Oh, this looks clean... and like some kind of jelly... really nice, is it ingame or renders, because on the first pic there's some lightmass-like looking glow below the spikey ball


      ooh no, I think I saw the most beautiful and the best screenshots of any of UDK projects. Amazing style and so pure concept, it can be seen rarely though.


        It looks and sounds like youur on to a pretty cool game.

        Can't wait to see more of your progress


          Thanks for the nice comments guys

          I'm actually skipping lightmass this time, it's awesome not having to rebuild lighting all the time. I make the levels in 3d max, bake the lighting into the textures and export to udk.

          I'm also working on a technique to fake glows on mobile and it's looking good so far. More updates to come!


            Do you make the collisions with UCX and UBX in 3dsmax ?


              Looks amazing, Cant wait to play it!



                How are you getting that SSS look on mobile?


                  What is SSS?


                    Thanks for the kind words guys

                    I have a few levels that are playable and its going well! I'll add more images and videos soon!

                    Originally posted by Jarro View Post
                    Do you make the collisions with UCX and UBX in 3dsmax ?
                    I do all the collisions in the UDK, do you think it's better to do it in Max?

                    Originally posted by Phen0mM0dz View Post
                    What is SSS?
                    SSS = Sub Surface Scattering. Put your hand infront of a very bright light and the transulcent red you see is light getting absored by your skin and spreading under it.

                    Milk, Wax, Skin, Jade are some examples of materials that have SSS

                    I baked it into the textures.


                      hmm I wouldn't make any collisions in udk because it is much complicated than to do it when modelling a mesh already, also some CSG may lag or make some bugs


                        The collisions have been working alright for me so far but I will see as the game progresses if I need to make them in Max.

                        New update and this time it's in game!

                        What do you think? There is still a lot to do and it runs pretty well on my 3Gs


                          I'm liking the look of this project, can't wait to play it.

                          If you need/want any help feel free to shoot me a PM.


                            Genius man, I was waiting for a good monkey ball style game to come out for these devices.. The visual style is awesome btw, I love that blue


                              I've been hard at work and the game has advanced at a nice pace. I have most of the systems complete and my kismet-fu is increasing a lot. I am doing this so much more efficiently now that I learned all the lessons from Bizango Blast. I have the level loading/restarting handled much more elegantly than before. I will make some video tutorials when the game is complete

                              Here are some images from the game so far, it's still in WIP and some of the graphics (especially the buttons) are place holders.

                              The Pause menu will be a map of the level

                              The levels will be very mixed and not just flat

                              I'm planning on 27 levels, the first run through will be to collect the tokens, unlock the exit and finish the level after that a race mode to complete the level as fast as possible and a motion mode get openned up to add to replayability.
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