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IOS Game: "Rocky Revenge"

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    IOS Game: "Rocky Revenge"

    Rocky Revenge!

    This is Rocky Revenge. Developed by one fearless student, Rocky Revenge plunges players into an ongoing conflict. The rocks that make up the Earth's surface are tired. Tired of being walked on, driven on, built on, but most of all, and their biggest enemy, the jackhammers just won't stop hammering into them.

    Driven to the last straw, the rocks look up into the sky, seeing the moon, and how uninhabited it is with no one to walk all over them any more. So they devise a rocketship, that will take them into the sky and away from all the pain that is back on Earth.

    But there's one problem: the jackhammers have caught onto their plan, and are attacking all day and all night, trying to get to the rock's aircraft to destroy it. Why? If there are no rocks to hammer through, then why would the jackhammers still need to exist? The jackhammers are attacking at 50 positions throughout the rocky stronghold; take control of the rocks and set off their triggers with their newest defensive device. Launch a ball to set off all of the triggers to rain down a waterfall of rocks.

    -Save System (DONE)
    -Store/Currency System (50%)
    -Announcement Ticker (DONE) [Yes, this is a real file hosted on a real internet server]
    -Star Rating System Based on Score and Attempts Left Unused (DONE)
    -Cutscenes explaining the back story (0%)
    -Add On System (0%)
    -Send a Friend Some Cash (0%)
    [There may be some more to come as I think of them]

    Wanna help? Have some ideas? Got talent and looking for a PAID position on the team? Check out the job thread.

    The job thread. [TO BE MADE SOON]

    This is a simple level by level arcade game with some new age twists thrown in. The base of this game was coded, and graphically designed by one person's (me) crappy photoshop skills.

    It's not much, but here is a video of the 0.25a alpha build that I have already. This is more to show off the core gameplay than the graphics.

    Youtube Preview

    Thanks for the interest! Feel free to leave comments as you wish!

    good luck in dev


      nice looks really good.