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WIP - Minimap for UDK-Deck

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    WIP - Minimap for UDK-Deck

    Though this is my first post of any kind of work in progress, please don't hold back. I know I have a way to go and look forward to learning and improving. Any and all feedback is appreciated.

    So these shots are from a Minimap I have been making for the Deck level of UDK. Will be updating the lighting and possibly adding a few more assets, but I don't want it to get too cluttered.

    I don't get it, how is this a minimap? (Also known as an overview of the map that is displayed in the HUD)
    And where is this related to Deck other than using some UT3 assets?

    There is nothing fundamentally wrong with the result, but it's also nothing exceptional. The square base layout gives it away too quickly and it's all the same brown-greyish color, that's why it looks quite boring. Try to add more variation and a real floor plan, not just a box.

    Also, there is already a generic WIP thread for all kind of minor WIPs like maps or models (and not entire games), so no real need to create a new thread.


      Basically this is a class project where we were instructed to create a level that should use the same design as "Deck" and therefore look like it belongs with the "Deck" Level. I'd love to add more color, but then I don't think it would fit so much. I definitely need to change the lighting, which I will do tomorrow, so hopefully that will help make it look less boring, but I totally get what you're saying.

      Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely do what I can do make it stand out more, maybe move away from the basic square shape and add another level.



        So the more I looked at the level I definitely agreed that it was all too boxy and boring. So, I decided to start over and came up with something that I am happier with and hopefully fits the bill a little better.