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Update about Delve: FC Mod

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    Update about Delve: FC Mod

    Hey everyone, just thought I'd drop by and say "HI", and also let everyone know about whats going on with Delve: Future Combat and its status.

    I have 4 new images to share with you guy's, and also along with the last image, some news.

    First the 4 new images:
    (These are raw in Editor Screenshots)

    This level you have to fight agaist the Mudanchee Vault Keepers. Try to gain the most XP before running out of time, with only one life left.

    The classic has not been forgotten. The Wizard and Warlock maps from the Halo Generation, lives on! Celebrate the 10th year Anniversary, either playing this map and or playing the Halo:CE A on Xbox 360.

    This Vast land to be regenerated from the old FarCry: Instincts, Has been designed onto the UDK, as this map was only rememberanced to the past.

    Every UDK should come with a sandbox! Halo 3 and Reach have one! Forge World! But only Delve Future Combat will be providing vast landscapes for people who dont have the terrain tallent. Adding layers for you to easily modify it to fit your needs. This map will also come with free set up models for you to tinker with including some from UDK's packages. On October 28th 2011, there will be a BETA Sandbox map With its package, for you to try out. After the Delve:FC Mod is released, their will be more Sandbox packages, released a week after, for others to quickly get the entire packages and import them to the latest version of UDK. Delve: FC Will be showing the maps in how they were utilized to fit its aspects of the game and how you can make if fit too. Note: This sandbox editor base, will only work if you have the September 2010 version or later.

    I will be posting more images in the future but if you want the information quicker I will be posting more on my website. So please visit and also leave your comments below!

    very nice guys