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    Some Puzzles

    As some of you may recall I posted another WIP project titled Toon due to some computer problems I've lost all of the associated files.

    Fortunately for my legions of dedicated fans (all three of them) I have a new project. The first map is titled Power. There are more maps to come.

    Here's the link to download Power.


    If you find any issues please put them in spoiler tags.

    Looking forward to your replies,
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    42 views and zero replies... a little bit disappointing.

    I'm nearing completion of the first map. I'll be posting it later today or early tomorrow if possible.

    I'm looking for a modeler to help out with some custom assets if anyone is interested.


      It doesn't make much sense. I guess the kill zone is set too high because there's a low spot right at the start where the player just dies.

      Tightly placed rocks hall, one end a room with a prop, the other end has another prop and a gate. Going to those rooms the gate opens at the end.

      No indications of anything happening. Can bug it out a lot by escaping or just dying. Seems like there should be a lot more going on before this was released.


        Yeah... I fixed the killZ value after I noticed it, but I guess that was after I did the build. I have one major area to finish up before I post the (mostly) finished map. There's a story to this that becomes clear down the line. I need to revisit the starting area and the first two puzzles, there's a pretty big delay between when the two sswitches are activated and when the 'reward' sequence plays.

        I agree though, I did jump the gun on this one, a lot.


          I would also recommend posting some images. If you don't want to spoil anything just post the start area, but at least give people some idea what you're building.

          It takes quite some effort to download and install something, with nothing to go on people might just move on to something else instead of trying it out.


            yeah post images... and don't expect people to reply...

            Actually many views and no replies can also be taken as a compliment..


              I've added pictures from the latest version of the map.

              I'll be building and packaging it this afternoon and post it soon after.

              If anyone is interested in helping make/providing a menu system send me a PM


                So... The build is 15 hours in and not yet at the 45% mark. As soon as it finishes I'll package it and upload.


                  I finally got it uploaded. I'm new to rapid share so the link could be wrong.


                    I love the last picture man,the atmosphere is like scary u know. Nice work there man keep it up. Im actually working on a scene that is "creepy".


                      I actually lost all of this project due to computer trouble. I might pick it up again later on.


                        gutted sorry to hear you lost ur work. i wouldnt worry about it tho ,use it as learning expiernce no doubts what u make next time will be even better:}.

                        i think it is proberly hardest thing about working on projects by urself is that you have to manage everything. it is very easy to loose track.ive just got new pc so also lost last few months worth of udk. iam trying to make sure this time i seperate any assests i want to keep for future use.
                        dropbox and other online storage sites could be very useful for keeping backup versions.