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Small map for survival multiplayer game

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    Small map for survival multiplayer game

    Hi, I have learn a lot of thing from my learning project named Zwaves and now I want to experiment a little bit the multiplayer of the UDK and learn to texturize my models.

    So for that I have started another little learning project that have no name. I am curently modeling the map: little street surounded by building like the back side of a logement block, I will try to put an underground part.

    So I have a small part of wall dome without texture and UVmapping and I would really like some tips from the comunity to texturize and UVmap it so it does not cause me too much problem.

    here is a picture of the wall in the udk:

    Some more detail:
    -I use 3ds max 2010
    -I know how to create materials, but I don't know how to apply multiple materials to a model

    thanks for reading

    Just a little update while I am waiting for a reply :P

    If you have any comment on the scene I will be happy to ear them.

    ps: this is really hard to see but there is a garage door at the right of the stair.


      To apply multiple materials to a model you need to set up material ids in 3ds max and apply a multi material to it before exporting. With this model I would split it into a number of meshes (walls, door etc.) so it can be animated.


        Hi sbland, So you say that I have to separate everything, so is it a good idea to simply attach the element that are with the same materials? like atach each wall cause they are all made of brick? Then if I do that, will I be able to UVunwrap every part of it and export it as a simgle .ASE file?

        thanks for the help.


          Ok so I did get the UVUnwrap working by following a tuto so I now have super precise shadow that stay when I build the lightning and that did not disapear over distance, I've rendered a texture template using the unwrap and saved it as a 4096 X 4096 BMP file (Png file was causing the udk to crash)

          So I now have to put my texture on that huge render and then apply it to my scene.

          The only question that I am asking myself is: how can I put a detailled texture without causing it to be ugly in-game because of the scaling??

          here is the result of the unwrap render:


            I've started to texturize but as I was affraid of, the texture look from bad quality when seen of a short distance (very short to be exact)

            So there is a picture but I am still needing a solution from the close view of those texture...

            You can see on the picture the shadows when lightning are builded


              you need to make the Brick texture (on the wall) tilable, Search on youtube


                I've already done that, this is only that the brick are the good size (so I dont want to repeat the texture again cause they will be smaller) but it seem pretty low resolution from near, is there a way to fix that without creating an HD texture from scratch?


                  Jx53, i wonder the same. I still have this question in-mind if you someday figure it out then leave me a message please.

                  Cheers Simon


                    haha ok, if I find a solution I will let you know...


                      With time I've found a good way to do it, I have separated my model by material type, so everything that will have the same material have been grouped, and every grounp will be exported as a diferent mesh and will be uvmapped and texturized like I had did for the one that you see at the begining of the post. then I've deleted every polygon that we can't se and that is no use for casting shadows. So the polycount droped from 2743 to 1913.

                      So all the texture I will have to do will have the shape bigger on it so it solve the low resolution texture problem.

                      I will post picture when everything will have a material on it.