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Tomb Raider: Memories - The fan Game - Freeware (Square Enix knows)

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    Tomb Raider: Memories - The fan Game - Freeware (Square Enix knows)

    This is a WIP game, long term project


    About the game:

    Tomb Raider: Memories - The fan Game - Freeware is a fan made game, remake of the gold editions fo the previows games (TR1G, 2G, 3G, 4,G and chronicles) using PhysX nativelly, exclusive for Windows and Nvidia cards, completelly free, Square Enix knows (We have tell them a year ago thanks to the community manager) will be able initially in two languages latin Spanish and american English and coming support for Portugese.

    Official website:

    Portugese: Coming soon.

    Download the Prototype demo Here:!demos/ce3p

    recruiting- Want to help us?:

    look at this topic, available positions in development team.

    During the reconstruction period after the attack that destroyed her home and which has cost a fortune Lara decides take time to think about her past, so what better than write a new book to relate some of her past and most epic adventures.

    Remeber whit ther some of her best adventures and revive your nostalgia.

    Take a part in this amazing project - Media

    Much more screenshots in official website

    New Info, Enjoy

    Please visit the official website, Download the demo and If you want Help us to contrinue developing this amazing project.


      Looks amazing, keep it up!