I guess I'm a little spoiled. FPS is fun for me for about 15 minutes, then it gets boring ... fast. On the other hand, hours of mindless wandering over some game map killing tree-shade monkeys or smashing mushrooms??? Also boring. I like to solve puzzles; hidden treasure, obstacle courses, brainteasers ... you get me. But even puzzles make you go brain-dead after a few minutes. What we really need is a game that offers all of these things ... and a decent story line to go with it. Why not combine the best of many game genres all into one game?

Well, there are a lot of reasons. For one, it's challenging enough to get any non-canned Game Type to function correctly. And it's also very time consuming to create the many different Game Environments necessary to facilitate a linear, single mode game, let alone a non-linear, asynchronous, multifaceted, multiple mode game. So, sit on our hands? No!

UDK offers the perfect solution to these problems. Many smaller, "well-built" maps streamed in an "as-needed" basis combined with the ability to change Game Modes when you change maps. Come On! Perfection!

A little modeling in Blender 3D. A little Java Programming and you are on your way right? Well, unfortunately it's a bit harder than that; but it's much easier than starting from scratch.

For me the graphics are fairly easy. Even making the skeletal meshes is pretty simple. Sound, not too bad to make my own. And, I'm a programming instructor, so that part isn't too difficult once you learn the classes and study your way through them. No, the hard part for me is time. Who has the time? I'm great at coming up with ideas, not so great at doing anything past that.

I come from a long history of gaming going all the way back to D&D (The board game). But, I think this history is what fuels my urge to continue in the face of time constraints.

So, here's my idea. I'll give it in generic terms. But know that I have a good (I think it's great.) story line.

Imagine an epic mystery that spans space and time. There are multiple characters that interact to unravel the mystery. You "jump" into each of these characters to guide them in their quest. While you are guiding one character, the others are following a default set of AI instructions. They must work together to solve the immediate problems they face in the "environment", but also to solve the greater mysteries of the game.

That's the mystery/quest/puzzle side of the game.

Every now and then, your characters run head-on into the enemy and must fight to survive, care for there wounded and prepare weapons and armor for the next round.

That's the FPS part of the game.

My story involves a character transported back in time in pursuit of a villain who was stranded in the past and is now wreaking havoc on the future in order to punish those who stranded him. The story progresses to encompass an epic battle between those who believe and employ human enhancements and those who do not believe in the use of enhancements but are nevertheless forced to use them in order to level the playing field against their enhanced enemies. The story has many characters and settings both in the past, present and future. The characters encounter hardship, laughter, pain, and love; to name a few.

You will be drawn in.

If you are interested in joining my team. I am on a quest of my own to make this game a reality. Send me a PM. or respond here with your questions.

Let's leave our mark on the game world!

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