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    @Black_Stormy: Thanks so much for the props; if I could get a tenth as good as Chadam turned out, I'll be over the moon With all the new DX11 and lighting stuff in the latest builds, I think, visually at least, Unreal can get up there with decent-quality pre-rendered stuff, perhaps even better. That's why I'm working as hard on shaders as on the models. I have storyboarded the movie, but I'm going to wait until release to show them, since I don't want to spoil it Concept-wise, I have some very rough sketches, but I prefer to rough and block out in ZBrush after basic modelling is done, since I can see the flow of the ideas in 3D immediately, rather than try and transfer what looks good in 2D to 3D and realize it doesn't work quite so well!

    I've got the Ghast reworked with different feet now, and I'm pleased with it. Of course, now I have to re-pose and re-colour and detail it in ZBrush, so hopefully you'll see a finished turntable by the end of the day (Saturdays aren't the greatest day for me to work full-tilt on something, but I'll get what I can done soon!)

    Thanks again, all, and stay tuned!


      Well, here's the Ghast with his brand new feet. You're right, merc_ai, much better!

      Sorry for the lack of detail modelling on the left arm and a few other spots; just wanted to get this one out quick, then I'll work on the T-pose for detail maps. I don't like spending hours on replicating work... lazy ****** that I am



        OK, T-pose Ghast done, ready for final texturing (updates to follow), but, being the dilettante that I am, I will now switch gears and move on to the young hero of our piece (fittingly nameless...)

        Still to come, our damsel in distress and a evil sorcerer (and a dragon. There must always be a dragon).



          You're possessing mad organic sculpting skills, mate!
          Love the new ghast look, and good start on the hero!


            Thanks, merc_ai! I'm going to spend time today on the hero, then get started blocking out the dragon. I tend to jump from project to project when I work on something big, because it keeps me fresh and when I come back to it, I see it in a new light, including all the problems!

            I'll post more soon!


              Ah, what a wonderful day; it's raining outside, I'm warm at home, sipping hot coffee and listening to orchestral Nyan Cats while noodling on ZBrush. And here's what all that has got me in the last couple hours.

              [SHOT] *Tn3zemqsiz14-Qskzm31Jr3Iv8CYmjBUK8lHsYAfBm7Qx/YoungHero1.jpg[/SHOT]

              The body is hidden for now, since it's just a placeholder for me to loft off with the retopo tools. On to the legs!




                I've been way too quiet recently, working on other things and generally looking at all the stuff I'm going to need to do to make this work. From this point on, the thread will become a general code/material/problems/Q&A/images forum. I've also started a dev blog at HERE where I will ramble even more than I do here.

                Don't worry, it's not dead, not even resting... it's coming back, but with 75% more muchness!


                  OK, so I spent some time this weekend looking at various techniques for GI and SVO creation. I'll post something more in-depth on my blog in the next couple of days, so for now consider this an update/unnecessary bump