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Survivor:Forgotten World ( Open World Survival RPG)

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  • #16
    wow looking cool allready. I'm curious on how you got those things working so well


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      Thanks by the way The moddb profile has been opened! Be sure to take a look here


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        Yea tis lookin good! keep at it, i am pretty sure you will find some artists soon enough.


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          We have a 3D Modeller!!!

          Say Hello to Eshton!!!

          Just for those that mind here are a few samples of his work

          Click image for larger version

Name:	knifep.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	34.1 KB
ID:	3248527

          Some of the work he did for survivor

          And as last What i have been working on

          First of all i changed the way weapons are handled

          Heres a picture made by eshton to show the new system of Maintance /condition

          Basicly Now the durability is mainly based on your crafting level The higher your crafting level is the greather durability your weapon hax if your crafting skill is 0 your weapon durability is 100% if your crafting skill is lets say 5 your weapon durability becomes 120%

          Also based on your weapon condition The weapon model changes to Not damaged,Damaged,Barely Damaged And VERY damaged versions of the model itself!! (Yeah inspired by dead island)

          Also i have been working pretty close on the inventory!

          Using items and dropping items work quite fine i only have some overlapping and physics issues on dropping but thats quite easy to fix Ill update again once i fix an problem i have with the items array not updating

          So well thats it Remember to check us out in moddb!!


          And facepunch!


          • #20
            New banner! by our new gfx artist Sharki GFX!!!!!!!!!!!!

            and video showing the wood cutting mechanics

            Also check the moddb profile Becouse our new gfx artist Just did a TON! of new Pictures and media for the profile!



            • #21
              looks cool hope to see more!


              • #22
                Thanks! Ill upload a new mockup of the inventory soon


                • #23
                  Here it is

                  Design by srhike gfx and scripting by me

                  THANKS TO MATT DOYLE:for telling me wich Clik widget to modify to get a custom Scrolling list

                  and i only have to add icons support


                  • #24
                    very nice I have something similar but with more features for my game other tan that keep it up and nice.


                    • #25
                      NEW UI Concept done by srhike gfx!

                      Some progress done regarding the 3D Modelling done by eshton


                      • #26
                        and new banner and logo!


                        • #27
                          Can't wait to see more moving along very nicely


                          • #28
                            Thanks! with the current members we have the content is going quite well and nice im finishing off the campfire mechanics


                            • #29
                              Well Right Now! We are looking for TALENTED 3D Animators and Level Designers If you would like to discuss About any of those 2 positions Feel free to send me a PM


                              • #30
                                New media update Regarding the level designing,Scripting and 3D Modelling

                                player model

                                Modified the item pick up system

                                Some work done on the campfire

                                New UI IN-Game

                                And A new UI Concept done by Eric

                                Also Eeshton our 3D Modeller has done a whole set of animations For the melee Fighting System as soon as i tweak abit some issues im getting ill surely post a video here

                                Thats it for now!