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Survivor:Forgotten World ( Open World Survival RPG)

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    Survivor:Forgotten World ( Open World Survival RPG)

    Survivor; Forgotten World, is a First Person Survival RPG Featuring:

    Survivor is not going to hold you by the hand. You shape your own experience and so you
    are free to do whatever is needed, but be aware that your journey won't be easy.
    The world is there to explore and there will be many things to discover and find,
    but it will be no happy adventure, the forgotten lands are harsh and unforgiving,
    and you need to try to survive by all means.

    Thirst / Energy / Hunger
    You need to find food and water and try to get sleep among the constant dangers of the wilderness.
    During the game, the player needs to go after his needs and can gather fruit, berries, hunt for flesh to cook, or even combine different kinds of nutrition to a meal.

    Varying gameplay
    Resources are limited, so the player can't stick to one location. He will have to constantly explore the island in search of Resources, safe Zones, leftovers, or even treasure, whilst avoiding the dangers of the wilderness and its inhibitants. Specializations, Skilltrees and random components
    ensure a new experience over and over.

    Complex Crafting System
    You are by yourself on the island. You will need to find your own resources and make use of them. This means using wood to craft tools or anything from bamboo fishing rods to stone axes, and use these for varying purposes. You will be able to build small structures and barricades
    to fortify your position a bit and improve your chance on survival.

    Body Damage Feature
    You can get injured, fall, get poisoned, ill, undertemperature, and all kinds of things.
    Breaking bones or flesh wounds need to get cured if you want to live on.
    Body temperature also plays a role, you need to get dry after beeing in water, and
    staying too long in the cold or the heat can have negative effects on your health.

    Survive together
    Survivor will feature 4-player online co-op where you can team up with friends and battle the wilderness alongside each other. Survivor is a unique take on the survival genre with many interesting ideas, creating a unique and deep but difficult experience.

    Based on UDK
    Survivor uses Unreal Engine 3, which has strong graphical performance and allows for an
    sandbox open world with rich visuals.

    True First Person Motion
    Using the True First Person Technique - allowing body awareness and full control over the player's body animations,which adds a whole new level of depth and realism in the game.

    A lot more!
    Expect a lot of cool features throughout development!
    Survivor FW is the perfect game to add any imaginable content.
    More will be added to this text, text is not final and contains errors.

    Game Media [Latest Update]

    The WW2 Shovel, a selfmade bow, and tribe (burning) and selfmade arrows. There will also be
    a bone carved tribe bow, as most of our weapons come in 2 or more different kinds.

    Models and textures may be replaced and especially textures are not final for
    some meshes. (The white arrows are untextured of course)

    Thank you for looking into, and stay tuned for more updates! Follow us if you like

    - Environment Artist / Level designer
    - 3D Modeler
    - Texture (Shader) Artist
    - (Concept Artist / Animator / others!)

    Contact/Follow Us!
    Follow Survivor on twitter!!/risingsoulgames
    Check us on moddb!
    We are always looking for people to help out, send a PM if you're interested

    no !! my game has this idea too
    I would suggest you to play Stranded / Stranded II, I talked with its creator and it was made in the Blitz3D. I'm speaking about Stranded games because Stranded II is the first succes of survival-game genre (at wildness), it has much of good ideas so good luck with your project.
    PS. you can use my Kismet first person camera for preparations, slowJusko should to hate me but this camera can be done by novices too in kismet, I'm sure that in the final development it have to be done in UScript and only, though..
    I think nobody will read the next words really, but here is an ideal coctail shake of tags that will perform a cool concept of nature survival genre:
    -Difficult conditions which are made by difficultness of the game that will let you to..
    1.move from previous place,
    2.find the food every day,
    -Soleness of every motion: should be picked up from a tree on the first day and should be extracted from hunted animals on the second day. On the third day the main player will catch a fish and on the fourth will live without food. Just an example
    2.player should not to return to previous place because of conditions made by you. For example, he will pick up all the berries and wont find them after a day if he would return there
    -Parkour, alpinism and climbing, because you made some parkour system so you should to use it, because parkour + wildness = mega extreme, even in a video game. Player should to climb big trees/palms and mountains to move to the B point
    , on the map it wouldnt be odd to place a big log over the big canyon and player should to go it across. Then the log is being crashed and chunked and the game places a mini-game with slo-mo, "press this key" and etc. Or, to give the player resources and crash his own boat when he will swim near the sharks ..
    Wildness, conditions, surviving.. Why not risk and extreme ?
    -How did you get there, you need to make an airplane crash or base-jumping off a helicopter, you need to find a reason why cant you find the way back.
    -The Exit, the player have to go for very big distance or swim out the island to visit some wooden house with lights in it (there are humans which will give you a help), then curtains are going down and some statistics with nice rock music are being popped up


      Thanks for the suggestions and the game itself is kinda sandbox the player can explore the whole island in search of resources but theres always danger Animals,Snakes etc

      So yeah the player needs to be consistently Changing from place to place becouse the resuorces that he gets dont last forever So If the resources in his zone are alredy out he needs to take what he needs and venture in the Wilds for more resources

      And i dident setup the first person motion yet becouse im mainly working on the Level + Inventory once i got these 2 sorted out ill work more on the gameplay itself


        I would add multiplayer support idea because it is very easy to do with this kind of project ("easy" multiplayer is very rarely here).



          Im Done with the Inventory added functions to directly give the item to the player instead of having to Create....Drop to ground and pickup

          Added Per Item Weight So if you have lets say 5 items and you are carrying your max weight you cant pickup any items Later as you level up you can Use your skill points to have a bigger Weight Limit

          Added True First Person

          And Started to code the Skills and Cuteable Trees

          Will upload new media once im done with the inventory UI


            Update 2

            Added VERY WIP Sprinting Animation + System Seriously 3D animation is not my best So i really have a lot of work to do with the animation

            Anyway Here It Is!!



            Added the First weapon/Tool you get at the beggining of the game After doing the starting Tutorial to get used to the game mechanics


              1 To watch

              I will be following this Project, as I have had the same sort of Ideas running around in my Mind for a long time (im just terrible with UDK still )


                Added New Update to Main Post (Inventory Menu)


                  Nice work, how long have you been working on this for?


                    Thanks (: and well 1 Week soo far


                      Update 3 ( Yeah i Keep Pushing Updates )

                      *Players can now Use/Eat items from they inventory
                      *Added Debug HUD For player needs
                      *Added a new sprinting animation Still it needs some work
                      *The Inventory now displays player current inventory weight and max Weight

                      And heres a new video showing the sprinting New Animation and the inventory work


                      Feel free to critisice And give out your opinions


                        is your inventory a scaleform one? and how do you call it up if it is not one?
                        I like your premise keep up the good work


                          Thanks and Yes its using the scaleform classes only a ScrollingList that i populate with a array containing the player items


                            UPDATE 4

                            *Added Support for dropping Items
                            *Player can cut trees using a pickaxe
                            *Added Sleeping (Still kinda buggy when switching animations)
                            When the player starts to sleep The day moves faster since it changes the time dilatation to 4.0
                            *New HUD

                            And video showing sleeping


                              I know that the tree spawns barrels atm i have no model for wood