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    Help me

    I am a beginner in UDK and need help. I am using the July 2011 build UDK beta and I am facing problems in my development.

    In Unreal Kismet I wanted to have a material switched on a static mesh in real time gameplay, but the MaterialInstanceParameter actors are missing. Only the MaterialInstanceVectorparameter is available in the sub menu of Material Instance.

    I've been into the UDK since two months. As I am new to every thing in the forum, please ignore and notify me of any mistake. My age is 13 years and am currently in middle school. I have a strong desire to become a head of a famous gaming company.

    Any help is highly appreciated and respected.

    Thank you.

    You can use Matinee, which I think still can change MaterialInstanceParameters!


      Well I'm at the same age too but its not a real reason to worry, mate

      and I think that everyone who is here should to have a strong desire not to control a big pc gamedev company, but to make his own game, at least because the game development isnt related to office managment and things like that (imho)...

      I'm agree with mktwo, Matinee is much better for these things like instance material because, for example, Matinee is being used to make a night/day cycle. (the sky instance material with huge amount of settings can be edited simply there, much better than in Kismet).

      good luck !



        Hey buddy,
        I thank you for considering and replying. I'll try the matinee thing. I am seriously grateful as this material instance thing was getting on my nerves and gave my game a really bad look and feel.
        Thanks, but you know what, I need a guide for changing materials in-game. As you see I have not yet got familiar with the unreal development kit. So if you can help me out...


          Look into what goes into becoming 'the head of a famous gaming company' before you set your sights on it. Do you love accounting and spreadsheets? Do you love economics and dream of getting your MBA or maybe a law degree? Because running a game studio involves watching other people make games while you make spreadsheets, crunch numbers and stay up late at night pouring over 40 page contracts that would make even the best attorney go blind after prolonged exposure


            lol I sure he meant to be as Peter Molyneux, or Notch, or Will Wright maybe...


              oh come-on man,
              that's not the reason for me starting the thread, but I want to know-how can I change materials on static meshes in-game using matinee!
              I'm constantly going around the UDN for that but I just don't find it!