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    My RPG

    This is my current side project. eh heh...
    Just ventured out of writing game concept and story script

    This map is only 256x256 and is my trial and error map.
    Final maps will be scaled down considerably varying between 16x16 to 64x64.With only two large maps with buildings streamed in.
    Game calls for a grand total of 250+ maps ummm... looks like I'll be quite busy.
    This is my terrain from very high up, Looks a bit like a snake skin.
    The water looks quite nice.
    Underwater DOF effect as well as color change. Damage is set to 5 health per sec, and when you swim too deep you die instantly.

    Here is a closeup of my terrain.
    Yes it is third person. The camera is fixed to the player

    More about this game
    Alternate World to current
    For additional info email me

    Looking forward to seeing more detail out of this.. keep it up man!


      Did some more shaping of the terrain, added some foliage, made then imported some static meshes.

      All tests

      Reworked my workflow
      once a building static mesh is placed I then have to edit the terrain and remove the terrain under the building. Then I have to add a streaming Kismet node.
      By chance does anyone know how many Kismet nodes can be on same level at one time?