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[WIP] Endless Streets - Scene

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    [WIP] Endless Streets - Scene

    Well ladies and gentlemen, i want to present to you the biggest scene that i am trying to reproduce, a beauty created by deviant named andreasrocha :

    Hopefully one day i will finish it, so here are the first 3 snapshots of the scene. WARNING: W.I.P. Waiting for critics, suggestions, etc.

    Hey k21n,

    Pretty nice start to your scene. I think your lighting in these images are definitely the strongest point. I like the vertical lighting along with the spherical. You could maybe add a contrasting type of light source, maybe a bluish light coming from somewhere, or let your moonlight have a bit more of a presence?

    The AR23 logo could have a bit more character to it, how was it put there? Drilled into the concrete? Sprayed on? It would have some wear to it so think about all those things.

    You could make a lot more of the window type things on the top right of the building, maybe accentuate them a little bit to make a stronger silhouette of the building, but if you were wanting to stay true to the source on that one not big deal

    Good start though!


      Thank you very much,sir! I was thinking about bringing into the scene a bit of my personality, but i want first to start with the rough parts of the scene and then add the high details. Most are placeholders. I hope that in one month i will finish this.


      P.S: If you have the time, check my portfolio (well it's more of a personal site) for more scenes and tell me what you think.


        Hey K21n,

        Checkout your portfolio. The work on there is great. You've got a professional looking demo reel. I'd suggest making your website a bit brighter and more friendly, seems very dark which may put people off. Looks like you have a pretty good understanding of the UDK too. Lets see some more updates man!


          Because of the color and bloom, the lights give the scene a very Deus Ex feel. (Totally not a bad thing, that game is gorgeously gritty)

          Also, dig the bullet-shaped old-timey stove/lantern thing next to the stairs. Phenomenal.