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    While it's not completely bug-free and there's practically no content or player progression, I am finally pleased with the basic skeleton of my game, and have thus released a free alpha version.
    Consider it more of a test of the gameplay feel, presentation and controls rather than the content of the game as a whole.

    You can now download it at


      On my way to try it : ), i love the soundtrack really dynamic heh this game deserves more audience already !
      Wow it's really poilished , the sounds , and the dimambrances are really nice .

      EDIT - But i think it's missing ingame , more sounds like when you dismamber some pieces , and for next demo i would appreciate a tutorial on how to use every control what you can do and tips about it
      =)The nice complexity of this game requires a tutorial


        Ah yes, I think the focus of the first update will about better feedback and information.


          The game is now on Desura!

          From here you will soon get the next version, which focuses on user feedback:
          • You will now get audio and visual confirmation of hits.
          • The main user interface gives proper audio and visual feedback with interaction.
          • Confirmation prompts to reduce the harshness of the user interface.
          • A physical "Heat" meter has been implemented into the mechs, which will display how much longer that laser will last, or how much longer you can spam those projectiles.

          Amongst other things.


            The V0.02 has been released on Desura!


            - Issue where the "previous" and "next" arrow buttons overlapped fixed.
            - 3d interfaces now have audio and visual cues.
            - Options no longer change instantly, but on leaving the options menu.
            - Hitting an opponent now results in a visual effect on the crosshairs, accompanied by a subtle sound effect.
            - Heatmeter Implemented, displays recharge time, charge-up time and heat dissapation all in one.
            - All weapons re-tooled to follow the heat-meter logic.
            - Charger no longer spammable.
            - Gatling gun now subject to overheating.
            - Camera now zooms onto the area you are customizing if desired and the list has been re-ordered.
            - Crash occurring on level load should be fixed.
            - Performance issues in the main menu has been alleviated a bit for now.

            KNOWN ISSUES

            - Optimization not yet in focus for development, mid to lower range specs may experience performance related crashes and freezes.
            - Collision can glitch when stopping.
            - AI occationally "gives up".
            - AI occationally walks into and on top of obstacles.


            Let me know what you think of the changes!


              Hi guys, despite the long time since my last post, the game is far from dead, and I still wish to work on it, but it is starting to get difficult to do so without funds, hence why it has been so slow.

              I am sincerely hoping you guys can help me out and share my indiegogo campaign at:

              Spreading it will help a lot more than you think!


                I would love to see chainSaw attachment muahaha. ill donate a few m8 it's worth it : ).



                  I have to be honest, I'm really struggling to get the ball rolling.