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    There's also a light edition.


      Looks really cool so far man, keep up the good work!


        for a prototype its certainly looking great, nice work! looking forward to see this in a more polished state when attention to art comes to play


          All the core features are now almost done. (I will of course gradually implement new features over time, but the base is pretty much complete)

          EDIT: I like the taste of AI robots, uses the UT3 sound effects, and Lazers.
          Actually, I don't want to use the UT3 sound effects, (I have to admit I'm a bit snobbish about using content you have not created yourself), it's simply a case of not yet having found anything more fitting.
          If anyone knows of sounds that may fit well (in good quality, paid or free), let me know!


            There hasn't been a lot of visual work lately, however I have been doing a lot of programming.

            • When the camera is in orbit mode, it will no longer rotate the mech.
            • I have redone how aiming is handled, you now have full control of the camera, instead the speed of torso's rotation now decide how long it takes for the mech to "catch up" to your aim.
            • There's now two aim modes, you can aim with the left and right weapons individually, or combine the aim to aim at the same target
            • Regardless of the distance and position of the weapons, it will hit where you aim.
            • I have also made is so that the stats of the legs and the overall weight will modify the speed of the mech.
            • There's also been a lot of improvements to the AI, it should no longer get stuck in walls, and should always start properly at the beginning of the level.
            • Added a two-part crosshairs, that splits to accomodate either individual or combined aiming.
            • Some new animations and animation tweaks.
            • Otherwise there has also been a lot of general improvements and small editions and additions.
            • I have also begun making a reward system, so that the player can earn new parts. The display half is done, I just have to add it to the player's inventory list.

            • There's also a few more parts and a few new graphical updates.

            I want the next version to be more of a proper release, rather than just a test for feedback, so I am working a lot on making it more player friendly and well presented.

            This means it will take a while for it to come, but the update will be very significant.


              I am now almost done with the first pass of overhauls for the arena.
              It has gone from this:

              To this

              I have also been overhauling the hideout UI, added a destination selection menu, and added tooltips, things should now be a lot more understandable.

              (Background is yet to be fully overhauled).

              There's also several new fixes and parts (a grenade thrower and a gatling gun among them).


                Been doing some general tweeks and updates.

                Heres a few:


                  So I overhauled the menu:

                  Edit: I am aware of the spelling error.


                    Very nice menu, maybe highlighting the selected panel would give the player some feedback. Keep it up!


                      Ah, good idea.

                      Didn't even think of that.


                        Redid the part selection menu:


                          I have started an IndieDB page!



                            I have finished (for now) more parts!

                            I am now done replacing all the temporary prototype placeholders, and can now focus on polish, tweaking and improving ai and features, and adding content and new features.


                              New video!


                                Originally posted by Graylord View Post
                                So I overhauled the menu:
                                This is pretty much the coolest menu design idea I've ever seen

                                Great work GrayLord!

                                It fits your game perfectly, nice and solid and kind of mech-like, and 3D

                                It's a AAA quality menu!