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Modulated: Free Alpha Released!

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    Modulated: Free Alpha Released!

    Update 31-08-2014 :
    I have started an indiegogo campaign!

    Update 23-11-2013 :
    Modulated has been published on Desura!

    Update 11-10-2013 : While it's not completely bug-free and there's practically no content or player progression, I am finally pleased with the basic skeleton of my game, and have thus released a free alpha version.
    Consider it more of a test of the gameplay feel, presentation and controls rather than the content of the game as a whole.

    You can find the game at

    Why hello there!
    I am working on a game I'm calling Modulated.
    It is a mech arena game, focused around customizing your own mech and fighting with it in an arena.

    I've been working on it on and off for two years on and off now and it is starting to take shape, most of the groundwork is done and focus is now on content, polish, features and visual fidelity.

    You can read more about the game here:

    Looking great.


      I'm agree amazing


        Looks great! Personal taste observation, maybe some slightly "meatier" mechs? Love the animation/sound effect


          I get a bit of an Iron Giant vibe from the video, maybe it's the lighting but it is indeed pretty cool.

          What are your plans? Multiplayer or single player?


            Originally posted by danimal' View Post
            Looks great! Personal taste observation, maybe some slightly "meatier" mechs? Love the animation/sound effect
            They have that style as it's only the sketelon, I will allow the player to attach parts to the various sections.

            What are your plans? Multiplayer or single player?
            Single player. Multiplayer would be take too much time from the development of the actual game.

            It's planned to be a free-roaming Mech Rpg, where you can find salvage, craft parts or sell them, go to towns and fight in arenas and tournaments, trade etc. Very basically put, game mechanics wise.


              I thought I'd post some updates, seeing as it's been a while.

              While no specific version/stage has been completed, it's come a long way.
              It's almost at the alpha stage. If I can just get the AI working properly, I'll be adding some content in the form of parts to earn. Then release a public test version.
              It won't be much of a game (as of yet). Merely a proof of concept.

              Since 90% of the work I have been doing is coding, there's sadly not much to show as of yet, but I'll show some of the new stuff I got.

              The Ingame menu is made out of models rather than either Scaleform or Canvas, I have made my own system from the bottom up:

              (It is fully functional, I can make the buttons say whatever I want, and make clicking them do whatever I want)

              Since I want some more content before the alpha release, I have made various parts for the player to earn such as this:
              (In game render).

              Please note that pretty much all of the objects I have shown have generic, placeholder materials that does not in any way reflect the final results. Some time down the line, when things are stabilized and playable I will start spending time on creating proper, custom materials for each object.
              I think I know how to make the coloration of the parts customizable as well. The glowing engine bits and the metal itself. I might add a "highlight" material to let the player customize that as well (edges, corners, seams and such), but I would have to edit all of the current objects to support that. Since I don't have that much content yet, it's still plausible.

              Once I got it playable with a decent amount of content, I will start tweaking and optimising the graphics.
              From there I will start adding new features and content if possible. I am a huuuuge fan of gradual development of videogames.


                There's something about hexagon patterns that says scifi... Looks cool so far...


                  They do indeed. =P


                  Here's a bit more thorugh view on what I have been working on.

                  A test version will be out soon!
                  Keep in mind that the focus has been on creating the techical aspects, and not the visuals. Yet.

                  You can find more info at


                    Cool, this is very similar to my current project! How did you solve the problem of the massive amount of controls a mech needs? wasd for walking and turning the legs, mouse for torso?


                      Yes, that is my current setup. The pawn direction controls the legs, while I use a skeletal controller to rotate the arms and torso according the the direction the camera is facing.


                        Also, we got lasers!


                          Great job keep it up!


                            Great job keep it up!


                              Lovely project mate, very well done.
                              EDIT: I like the taste of AI robots, uses the UT3 sound effects, and Lazers .