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    Space Shooter - WIP


    Two new vids:

    Multiplayer Battle, featuring new maps and ships:

    1 on 1 Dog Fight in a Asteroid Field:

    I announce hereby that I have joined the Slot5 Team in order to create an awesome space shooter.

    Most of my ideas will make it into Slot5 and I will keep you updated in this thread. If you have any questions concerning how I did things, just ask here.

    Slot5 on ModDB

    Old Concept


    My main goal is to create a combat focused version of freelancer with different ship classes.

    The major differences being:
    -Correct newtonian physics
    -Primary foucs on combat/dog figthing, although I will keep things like trade, upgrades and exploration in mind during programming
    -Designed for multiplayer without bots, AI scripting for this kind of game is a nightmare.
    -Some unconventional weapon designs. I go into detail once I have them implemented. Some can already be found in the ship technology section below.
    -Heavy usage of the physics engine


    All in one video, best vid so far, although outdated:


    Features so far

    -Full network support
    -Scaled Ship and Pawn down by 4 to sell the scale

    -6 dof, gimbal lock free flight with correct newtonian physics
    -camera that can be fully rotated around the ship with zoom
    -Flight assistance, comparable to HAWX's ON-Mode
    -Dog fighting with Boost, Velocity Redirector, Velocity Dispenser, Linear Drive

    -Investigation of Mars' new asteroid belt. Showing Boost. Velocity Dispenser and Linear Drive in the process.

    -Jump Gates/Star Gates

    -Asteroid Field

    -5 different cloaking device classes: crappy, simple, good, awesome, perfect

    -Shield with Impact effects, fading in & out

    -Star dust, global, map specific and area dependend with transition
    various types without transition
    with transition

    -Planets with gravity, thanks to Jarro for the idea
    -Navigation lights
    -SkyCube from SpaceScape
    -Other minor stuff like only being allow to exit the ship in certain areas


    System Gokzor

    Asteroid Field


    Battle Field

    Target Game

    I want the final game to be a multiplayer action space shooter with 4 selectable ships.

    Hunter: A agile, but very fragile ship. It shines with its superior movement abilities, but has to compensate its weak armor and low firepower.

    Assassine: A stealth ship with sniper capbilities. Otherwise it is weak.

    Soldier: Heavy armor, shields and weapons with poor movement capabilities.

    Scientist: Weak ship with super weapons, like force fields, gravity fields, active inertia cancler and more.

    Ship Technolgy

    An detailed overview of the ships' technology:


    Boost: Basicly a afterburner.

    Velocity Redirector: Allows instant turns.

    Velocity Dispenser: Allows instant and complete stops of the ship at once

    Linear Drive: Short distance teleportation device.

    Overall status: Except for the weapons and the custom mesh, the Hunter is completed.


    Cloak & sniper: Needless to say anymore.

    Interphase cloaking device: moving through solid materia^^

    Overall status: Except for the weapons and the custom mesh, the Assassine is completed. Maybe I ll add some features later on to balance it against the Hunter and the Scientist.


    Energy Shield: Absorbs weapon damage and regenerates.

    Overall status: Except for the weapons and the custom mesh, the Soldier is completed. Maybe I ll add some shotgun like weapon to it to strength it.


    Force Field: A force field around the ship that pushes everything away.

    Gravity Field: A force field around the ship that pulls everything to it. If this proves useless, I will remove it later.

    Active Inertia Cancler: A field around the ship that stops every other ship that enters it dead in its tracks and prevents any further movement.

    Overall status: Still needs some work before it is complete and of course a custom mesh. I want to add tractor beams and many other nice features.^^

    Current goals

    -finishing all effects, this takes longer than excepted.
    -fixing all bugs, nearly none left

    I except the current cleanup / fine tuning to take about two weeks.

    After that comes the fun stuff, weapons.^^

    Finished Stuff
    -Movement 100 % Complete

    Your Involement

    Any feedback or suggestions are welcome.

    Subscribe to my youtube channel^^
    Seriously, because this forum doesn't allow double posts, therefore you won't get a notfication if I edit this post.

    If you want some code or artwork, I don't mind sharing most of my stuff, just ask here.

    If you want to help out, cool, leave a message here stating what you can do.



    The ship in this demo features all implemented technologies so far.

    Known Issues
    -The keyboard is running out of keys^^. I ll rearrange the input later on.
    -Shield won't collide with rigid bodies no matter what, details. Treatment of vehicle rigid bodies seems to be intended to work only with one RB, so I am leaving this alone for now. I ll simply label it an energy weapon only shield.^^

    Awesome work so far! Keep it up!




        Thanks guys.

        Just added a stabilization assistance, that stops the ship to a near halt

        and navigation lights added:

        star dusts have a transition now:


          Wow, looking great.. It's awesome to see people taking their projects to this phase of development.. keep up the great work and keep us posted


            I left a comment on one of your videos.. But I will comment there also:
            Why is gravity force of big planets like the Earth on so small distance to the spaceship so weak ? Every of object at the Earth's orbite falls down on the surface or turns around Earth's base, this includes spaceship (I know that it is a bit difficult to make, but just push it a bit to the Earth to add a realism or add some glowing text "ANTI-GRAVITY THRUSTERS ON" at the final versions ), and space dust also, this dust moves with very, very high speed (most of Space Shooters dont makes so many of asteroids and dust because in real life the speed of these stuff is being increased by the gravity and it cant be decreased by any of forces like air density ) so I would add space fields of broken pieces of asteroids and would turn it to a mini-game (like to hide out from very high-speed stuff) nobody didnt make it at any game as I remember.

            The shaders and the spaceship are great !!

            Keep the project up !

            Also, how do you use a spacedome ? Is it a HUGE sphere with stars or is it something like a shader..?


              @ironbelly: Thanks, but i have been only at it for about a month, although a month of holiday^^

              @Jarro: I haven't received a notification from youtube about your comment, strange.
              For a planet's gravity: You are right. The reason I haven't implemented this is simple. I don't intend to allow the player to reach planets later on. Actually I am looking for a way to prevent this.
              Reason: I want to keep focus of this project on the most important part: combat. I have already strayed off quite a bit coz of effects, but there were little and really improved the game.
              If I were to programm what you said, which I would like to do, I would end up adding feature after feature, but wouldn't be able to finish one part properly. Your idea is great, no doubt, but too far off topic right now. But I ll set it onto my wish list, right above stations to enter, trade, weapon upgrades, AI, great scale exploration, economy simulation...^^
              That's why I have decided for the time being that battles between fighters will take within a solar system and that fights can't travel long distances.

              After having written that much, I remembered reading something about forcefield in UDK before. After a quick googeling I found out that UDK has forcefields, even radial ones that are perfect for planets.
              So tried it out and it works just sweet.
              Here is a vid:

              Thanks for the idea man^^. Removed one entry from the wish list.
              Tomorrow I ll turn the planets into OnTouchShipExplode-things.^^

              Regarding the star dust, although I aim for realismen, is it ok to keep it this way?

              The spacedome is actually a skycube done in a shader applied to a huge sphere.^^
              I used a SpaceCube generated with SpaceScape, a tool you should checkout if you are interessted in this kind of thing.

              Here is a link to a tutorial, showing how to setup such a skybox/cube shader. You need to use a texturecube instead of rendertargetcube.

              And please rate this thread and subscribe to my youtube channel.^^


                Really interested to see where you go with this, looks like a lot of fun.
                Was initially thinking about the gravity thing and thought a space station might be a better fit (although tbh I doubt you'd create a big enough planet to have much gravity anyway, think how big the moon is and its gravity). Which led me to think that a station would have guns, if you made these really powerful short-range you could combat spawn-killing effectively (or make destroying the base the priority).

                Obviously not something you should implement as a priority, just an idea.


                  I posted a link to a demo in the first post of this thread, just in case you didn't notice.^^
                  There are some visuals bugs in it though.

                  @fauldsh: You are right the relation of planet size to ship size is one realismen problem I still need to figure out.
                  I ll keep the space station idea in mind.


                    I think the clouds on your planet are moving way too fast. it's like the earth is experiencing a global hurricane! :P they could definitely use some slowing down. also, do you plan on adding a glow to the edge of the planet? if you look at pictures of earth from space you'll notice a slight glow around the edge of the planet. this effect has a name, but I can't seem to remember it >.<


                      This is looking cool. Keep it up :]


                        @IndigoJack You are right about the clouds. I ll ban Irene and her furious sisters from Earth^^. About the glow on the edges, I have done that, but it appears the effect is too weak. The used material/shader function is called fresnel.


                          It looks really cool. Especially I like the skybox.
                          Could you share some more details how you achieved this effect?
                          Is this a single skybox or multiple skyboxes blended together, it looks like the point stars are on another layer and it gives the skybox a spacey feel.
                          Also how did you accomplished the 'sparkling stars' effect?


                            @all: After having done an overhaul of my artwork I have uploaded a new video showing the results. On top of that I have made the planets killing stuff. I highly recommend it:



                            a single skybox with a "StarMask" in the alpha channel. Although the use of multiple skyboxes would have been possible.
                            The sparkling effect is archived by applying a panning noise map to the star's brightness. Here’s a screeny.



                              Thanks Hiredicespecter, I'll do something similar in my space project.