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"SPOCEAN" Open Beta - Napoleonic naval warfare in Space

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    "SPOCEAN" Open Beta - Napoleonic naval warfare in Space

    Hey, Everybody!

    A friend and I have been working full time on this for the past six months. It's a first person, multiplayer shooter called "Spocean" that puts you in the shoes of a crew member on board a stylized age of sailish submarine/spaceship. Work with your teammates to batter the enemy ship with cannon shot, and then board it when it's vulnerable!

    You can download the free beta here at our website:

    We built on the UDK, which has completely blown us away with its ease of use and sheer power. Right now, you can only play on our three official dedicated servers, but we hope to have a wider release once we're able to fix up the rough edges.

    Let me know what you guys think. The feedback we need most is on how the game plays with full 8v8 crews, so please grab a friend and hop on our servers to check it out!

    W- Move player/ship forward
    A- Strafe player left/ Turn ship left
    S- Move player/ship backward
    D- Strafe player right/ Turn ship right

    E- Pickup item/load cannon/fire cannon/activate helm (if you're the captain)/revive fallen teammates
    F- Drop item
    LMB- Primary fire (punch/shoot rifle/heal player with medgun/repair wall with blowtorch)
    RMB- Melee rifle

    FAQ -How to Play

    How do I choose a class?
    Jump down the corresponding hole at the beginning of the game. "Every Man" is engineer, "Shall Do" is Captain, and "His Duty" is medic. The first person down the captain hole is the captain for the game, and only he can fly the ship/be invulnerable to shot/gas damage.
    How does my team win?
    By incapacitating all enemy players, including the captain.
    How do I do that?
    Regular crew members can be injured and incapacitated by being hit with cannon shot, which creates explosions and dangerous gas leaks in the ship. The captain can only be killed by small arms/melee (which essentially necessitates boarding combat).
    How do you board?
    Fire grapple shot at the enemy ship at close range. Grapple shot is placed around the main columns of the gun deck. When a grapple is successful, board the enemy ship by entering the corresponding breached wall next to the cannon that fired the grapple. Be sure to bring your guns!

    In short, shoot at the enemy until you feel they've been adequately diminished by explosions/gas damage, and then board them when they're weak. But the enemy is also trying to do the same to you, so keep your ship in fighting condition by healing hurt teammates and fixing breached walls as well.

    Looks GREAT!


      HAHA! Looks immense! One of the most rediculous things I've seen on this forum!


        Looks fabulous thx guys will test it downloading Cant wait

        Edit a question how did you guys do the servers, dedicated servers or ?


          I love it. It looks like the stop animation from the 80's. Great job!


            Thanks for the kind words!

            We're running three servers on a dedicated machine we're renting from Hypernia. It was actually surprisingly tricky to make the servers work, since the udk requires certain graphics specifications to be installed on a machine in the first place, which the server, of course, did not have. We'd figured that there must be a way to create a standalone dedicated server build with front end, but as of now there still seems to be no straight-forward way to do this. At least that we know.

            Our workaround has been to avoid installation on the server by simply copying in the installed game files from one of our workstations, and then tampering with a few .ini files to trick the software into thinking its running on a computer with a graphics card.

            I'm sure there must be a proper way to do this. Any suggestions would be extremely welcome.


              Ok feed back time, Server 1 is acting weird for me when I play for 1 min or so it auto respawns me even if I'm not dead I have not tried other servers but graphics look nice and good work mate very cool.


                Thanks, Chester! Yeah we have it set to restart the round in 45 seconds if only one player is playing, which in hindsight, probably wasn't a good idea and is implemented to seem like the server is freaking out.

                Hopefully we can have enough players so that we can get real battles going. We've found that somewhere around 4v4 is really the minimum you need to play it in its true form, since so much depends on coordination between the captain and crew members, when to fire, when to repair the gas leaks and heal, and when to board.

                A quick note to all who plan on playing is that ships can't be "destroyed." The purpose of damaging the other ship is to to create explosions and leaks that will harm the health of the enemy players, so that they can be more easily finished off in boarding combat. A game is won when all enemy crew members are incapacitated, and the captain can only be incapacitated by rifle and melee attacks.


                  A suggestion for you. A good FAQ, or basic "How to play" instruction set would be great. Or like a small tutorial on how to play inside the game. The movement controls were easy. but what are the other controls, and how do you use them?


                    Good suggestion. I've update the main post with controls/brief instructions.

                    It's funny how working on a game for so long makes you just assume that everybody know's how it works!


                      Lol seriously your game is fun , I won I was captain lol, me and a guy we bombed a ship, I think you guys have something fun, this is both fun for adults and for kids

                      Good Luck into the future


                        This looks amazing, love the style and the lighting.


                          I'd suggest making a presentation video, some of us will take the plunge and download it, but generally people like watch videos before downloading! Off to download...


                            Looks like fun! I love the lighting btw. I'll have to check this out.

                            Mr. Illusive


                              I like the idea, played it and these are the things I think you could improve on:
                              - A short single player tutorial is a must, nobody knew what to do when I played (including myself). Things like picking classes, the minimap and boarding should be explained there by example.
                              - After loading or fyring a cannon the weapon switches, this is a little annoying.
                              - It would be good to have some kind of indication of how many players of a certain class are on your team. I had a game with only engineers except myself (medic) and I believe even no captain.
                              - Being dead is much too annoying as you're completly dependant on your team
                              - It would be a good idea to highlight an object (or display some text, whatever) if an interaction with it is possible (such as repairing hull breaches or healing teammates)

                              It would also be good to have the following info:
                              - How to switch weapon
                              - How to chat
                              - Where to get guns