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Underwater Scene (Atlantis I Suppose)

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    Wow. I really love this. If I wanted to do an underwater game I would really love for it to look like this. This is unbelievable. There is so much you can do with this. Whatever goal you have for it, please take it all the way.

    The only things I notice are minor and very optional. Just personal opinion. I've never been at the bottom of an ocean but I've seen enough movies, lol. Maybe you should put a layer for the ocean top, that's slightly transparent so that you can barely see the sky.
    Meaning an animated wave layer for the ocean underbelly. Right now it looks as though if something was swimming in there, they would be swimming in the blurry, blue green beautiful sky, simply because I can see just about 80% transparency of the sky. I do know there is an underbelly to the ocean, but you just have to pull it off somehow. Just a layer to separate the undersea from the top.

    As for the scene being too dark, I actually think it's a little too bright. The deeper the ocean, the darker the transition from top to bottom, light to dark. This will make things a bit mysterious as well while swimming on the sea floor between sea weed, when suddenly something pops out of the sea weed at you. Thinking gameplay wise. lol.

    Either way--- Awesome!



      I played a bit in Photoshop (hope you don't mind )



        Ooooooooh--Ahhhhhhhhhh. lol. Much better. Get it like that. There's a template.
        The pic at the bottom is the real deal, but of course if it's a game, your going to want to see the environment a bit more, much like the first pic.

        I like that SyFy channel shark too. Try a killer whalapuss. Haven't seen that one yet. lol.



          nice job, I've messed around with post processing and what do you guys think?


            The edges of the stone things seem too sharp to be ruins, maybe revisit the models.


              I wonder if you could do some sort of noise alpha material in UDK. I never tried that. Just so you don't have to model that broken geometry for the ruins, and just fake it.
              The color scheme looks much better to me now.

              Maybe still consider that underbelly ocean wave layer I was talking about. I'm not for sure, but much like when I swim in a pool those gleaming lights that you have on the ocean floor, are caused by light trying to pass through the ocean and are being animated
              on the ocean floor or pool floor. I'm sure someone has a better answer. lol.
              Right now there still doesn't seem to be any separation from the sky and the ocean.

              Something like Xenobite first pic maybe, or better, or close.
              Also what would help that ruin temple thingamabobber, is if you actually subtract a few of those pole supports and break the ones that's subtracted in half or in three pieces and scatter them near the area. If you want to take it all the way, add noise or some sort of broken normal to the parts that are broken to actually show damage.
              As if you broke a chiko stick and you see the crunchy inside.

              ----I think I'm hungry now.

              Alrighty--peace out. Great job. This is very interesting to me. I want to do an ocean scene in a month or two, so we should have an ocean showdown. lol.



                Yeh need to bevel the edges or something, they do look too sharp.

                I know exactly what you mean about the underbelly of the ocean, I want something like this: where all of the waves have catch a bit of light instead of only where the light is pointing. But I'm not sure how to do that king of material, I'm guessing its something to do with fresnel but I really have no idea

                Any tips for the material? I looked on hourences water material and used it in an earlier build of the environment but didn't work out too well so started to make my own

                Will also change a few of the pillars


                  I guess some kind of fluffy moss /corals/algae can help out breaking those sharp lines
                  if you look at bottom pic on my example it almost looks as some kind of "fur" thing

                  you might try using some tesselation /dx11 stuff or maybe some particle layers or something
                  or you might use slightly "fatter" copy of mesh with beveled edges (or few of those meshes) with some detailed fractalish texture with lots of spots (for example you can use noise in photoshop and just scale some of those layers to get different sizes for those spots and add some normal map to add more details
                  you can also play with bump offset
                  * those textures will have to use alpha for cliping/transparency

                  one thing that really bothers me is the faded sky picture that is seen on top of the pic
                  undistorted clouds give impression as if there is a thick fog layer / some dense alienish atmosphere

                  when you work on the sky refracted/distorted layer make sure that you try to match it as close as if you would use HDRI image

                  HDRI images always keep the real light energy/powe values - that's why they are not just good for lighting your scene /in 3d app/ but they are also making amazing super realistic reflections/refractions

                  Sun seen through your water surface will need enough energy/power to be visible enough through thick fog layer without becoming too blue when you look straight to it

                  another possible solution for making top water surface could be not making it transparent but instead using some reflection texture

                  you can also add some vignetting - that could give some more "touch" to your fog
                  you can also play with that newish fog thing that has different colors depending if you look towards the light source or away from it - try with some slightly brighter bluish/cyanish color while looking at the light source and darker blue away from it

                  one other thing - your shadowing is bit too sharp
                  you might try playing with extra light bounces in lightmass settings - it might work or not but its worth trying

                  here are some more examples of what you can try to achieve with water surface:

                  and a link some more underwater pics:

                  water has some SSS properties so that is something that you will have to try to fake to get realistic results

                  oh and important thing:
                  use some chromatic aberration that will give some interesting effect
                  you migt also try to fake some of it by tweaking your caustic texture /for example just by offseting r g b channels by some super small value
                  (I noticed caustics texture looked bit too sharp)


                    Ooooh the first one is the kicker. Maybe create a plane and make a nice animated water wave material that kind of has that same visual or as close as you can, turn that baby upside down and go from there. Turn off "cast shadows" for it of course. Probably give it a custom lighting, I don't know. Why, so that light can pass through it, maybe for the god rays.
                    Also maybe set up a transparent grid so the god rays can pass through sort of like pic 1 where it has multiple rays. Well maybe you can fake that by giving it something to separate through as such. I don't know if UDK can do that. I never tried.

                    Alright, I'm going to leave it alone now. lol. A lot of advise here from folks. You have the power now Obi.


                      Sharks with lasers on their head


                        Couple of things I notice is the DOF could be a tad higher also you can see the clouds from the sky, maybe you could make it deeper some. Not sure how that would affect the overall scene though. Definatly barnacles or something though, seaweed of some description. I do like this theme though, its very eerie and has a shroud of mystery, good work


                          I have the sudden urge to model underwater plants...



                            Any Better?

                            EDIT: Still need to do something with the edges


                              this is really cool !!...its almost the same as my under water scene, tip i can give is this .. particles really sell the effect , just as simple as a few bubbles here and a bit of floating shimmering dust particles.. but good work


                                Good work but definitely needs more gunk on it right now it looks like it's only been underwater for maximum a day.... more moss on it and broken parts and it'll blend in nicely but also add more to it so it looks more like it was a city and not just a few buildings. It also needs to be deeper.