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    Read the interview,a litle harsh but it is what a consumer will say.I can agree on the prices of mocap these days(the ones that have big brand name do cost a lot)But i know there are cheaper and innovative ones and im sure at least one of them works and is still cheaper.(maybe continue to search more)(i have seen a few unity projects that managed to pull quite some by just using a old kinect device+third parrty software and a green screen for the actor).
    You coud also rent some equipment or contact with a company>tell them what you want(movements and so)and not by mocap

    The developers are asking for $1.25 million and they have no games to their name, no history of titles launched under their name.

    I realy hate when people come to this as a exise I know its true(and the words have weight) but still its difficult to argue with them and beg for a chance to demonstate that you/or team can provide similar/equal skills to the so called AAA teams.

    One last thing.Im right now reading things regarding kickstarter,indiegogo,steam as i planning to go there someday.Im not sure if i read this right but in indiegogo if a project doesnt get the funds the money is not returned to the customers but is for the people responsible for the product and some % for indiegogo.Is this correct?
    If it is so,maybe people will be skeptical in investing so much in a project whit that condition provided by indiegogo.


      Sorry for the crowfunding. I think that it's neccesary for the game to be enough popular before going to crowfunding.


        hi everybody
        My opinion is indiegogo not suitable for video games. You can try kickstarter

        we are still working on ENDLESSZ.


          Not sure kickstarter is the answer either...

          1. Negative Press:
          Devs abusing their luck! Reports like this don't help:

          2. Funding-Fatigue.
          As examples take these two as they both look interesting. But will either come close never mind hit their magic number.. [maybe the first] :-

          3. Epic's Advice:
          "Steam crowded, but rewarding...Kickstarter is a great marketing tool. Terrible funding source."

          4. Oldschool funding: not-trendy, lots of hard work, annoyingly obvious:
          Sean @ Hello games (No Man's Sky): "We're self-funded: What I mean by that is, we lived off our savings "... Self funding is a safer bet, you get a job, you work, you save... Afterwards, you use the money to take time out to build your game... Crowd Funded fundraising is best for raising funds to build real-world prototypes i.e. a device or a machine, there it makes sense IMHO...


            Good example.


              Isolation of the Dead


                Looks nice.Does this mean that endlessz has stoped development or is it delayed?
                Not sure why,but i think that adding a laser sight to the gun on the night map woud look cool and help aiming.


                  Yes thats a good idea we will add lazer to the gun ! EndlessZ Project is still continuing we are working on it.


                    The lightning of this game is so good it looks like Unreal 4 lights. (or it is a U4 game in a UDK forum? Not complaining, just curious because I didn't find any info about it).
                    I'm following EndlessZ!


                      Hi AmyP
                      Click image for larger version

Name:	ENDLESSZ Developer Diary screenshot 18.jpg
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Name:	ENDLESSZ Developer Diary screenshot 14.jpg
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Name:	ENDLESSZ Developer Diary screenshot 13.jpg
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Name:	ENDLESSZ Developer Diary screenshot 10.jpg
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                        Very good!