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Shader Showoff and Consultation--Update--

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    Shader Showoff and Consultation--Update--

    Realtime Skin Shader SSS+Specular:

    Oren-Nayar,optimized for cloth: (the highlights on it arent Specular!! those are the lighting model)

    Ward-Anisotropic: (The model is raw..not complete.and without normals.also after texturing it ill make the shader too suit it..)
    Oren-Nayar Silk+Human head with my skinshader:

    NFAANormal Filter Anti Aliasing)
    the anti aliaasing it does is very poor.ill make FXAA later or MSAA
    atleast i can use the normal filter to fake the normal buffer..

    curently working on ScreenSpaceGlobalIllumination

    its OnepassGI(ican fake more passes)+SSAO and some ColorBleeding

    Another one:

    Bokeh Depth Of field,fully written by me.and it sucks [IMG][/IMG]


      Originally posted by desert_eagle View Post
      After messing up with lightmass all the day i became bored..first i wanted to make an radiosity shader realtime but when i found that theres no shader solution for this..i became sad ..then i thought:lets make an shader that is usable for both of my games(ihave one FPS,and one RPG the one about russia )so i came up with this(HLSL):

      Uploaded with[/IMG]
      its WardAnisotropic
      it is both usable for my M4A1 and the sword from the look sexy and im happy with it..the only problem is that when i rotating the cam behind the object the anisotropi disappears.and it becomes just the diffuse without spec.any help?
      To aid in your Anisotropic woes, are you using a single direction, ie 255,0,0 or 0,255,0. Or, are are you using a custom Anisotropic map, which is fairly easy to make?


        no its a shader... the direction is: float3 Direction = {0.5,0.5, 2.0 };


          theres something strange with the TangentNormal..lets say i have a sphere one half is shaded(gray-white)and the second is comepletely black why??


            all the shaders will be posted in my game thread:

            theres my Skin shader..enjoy =)


              update .after this ill make an 3 day pause