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Project: Coma-State

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    Project: Coma-State

    Hi All,

    I'm excited to say that finally it's time to open my first WIP Thread!

    Let me quickly introduce myself; My Name is Misja, 30 yrs old born in Holland, living in Belgium.

    Besides a husband, father of 2, full-time worker, I am also a Fanatic PC gamer (RPG & Action shooters favorite!). Unfortunately, thanks to UDK, work and familylife, I had to put gaming lower on my priority list!

    I've been 'fooling around' with UDK for a few months now. Started with all tutorials about level design, and some other tutorials and thinking about my first project...

    My objective is to kick-off an idea and to let it grow into something nice with the help of other people. The main reason is to learn from this.

    Which brings me to...


    Storyline: (not final )

    Coma-State is set in the near future.
    The world is in chaos, since the upcoming invasion of unidentified objects from space. The story is not about the time of actual invasion, but actually about a certain period (5/10 yrs?) AFTER the invasion...

    A company called ... (no name yet) experienced in preserving life forms made
    containers (lifepods?) where organisms would be able to kept in a coma like state. (that's it!) Those containers were sold to rich people and governments to secure a life after the invasion.

    Scenario 1: A rich guy called Tom x (no name yet) not willing to await whatever was coming to earth, was able to buy one of the containers. He put himself on a remote island and kept himself in coma state for x years.

    The game starts here...

    After the container initiated to wake-up sequence, Tom x wakes up in his containter. Blurred by the coma and not entirely sure of what's happening and how he got there an introduction video starts inside his container. The video tells him why he is there (in case of amnesia) and what to expect once the container opens.

    The island: (tutorial level)

    Whole island: (still under progress, suggestions welcome)

    View 1:

    View 2:


    This is my work so far. I'm still working on this level design.
    My thought is to make this a tutorial level, to let players get aquainted with the controls. (moving, throwing items, using items). But also with the emotions and the story itself... in this tutorial level Tom x will die... dehidration, big flood, no food, poisonous snake? you tell me...

    after his death, the real game will start... which will be set in a different location, setting and person...

    Please let me know your reactions and ideas.
    I'm looking for people to participate for long term, but also if you have a good suggestion about ANYTHING, please let me know!

    I'm hoping to hear from you soon...

    Sounds like a cool project. I like the idea of the guy dying form dehydration, because you could really draw it out and make the player feel the slowness of waiting for the end to come.

    Best of luck with this.


      New Pictures

      Hi All,

      I've worked some more on the environment, ocean, sky and lighting.
      Also included a sun and some effects.

      New Pictures:

      Whole Island:

      View 1:

      View 2:


      Thank you for your replies!!


        Is that box thingy made out of bsp? I hope not. It looks very faceted. The ocean water looks odd as well. Very unlit looking.

        The sand texture looks pretty good though.


          no the box thingy is just a quick mesh.. definitely needs some more work!!

          I will post some footage, so u might get a different view on the ocean and give me some tips..

          thanks for ur reply!!!