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    Illegal Aliens

    Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to show off a game I've been working on.

    Check out the blog to watch the videos...

    Suggestions and feedback are welcome!
    Please note the game is still in a early build!


    Updated texture for alien guard

    plus more updates to come.


    Looks like you guys have a lot going on here, and a unique look. Could work out if it's all fun and games.


      I love your work and dedication. It all looks fabulous. But, I have never been a fan of that type of graphics ingame. That is just my personal opinion, not a dig at your game. That is why you have 1 No on the votes. You asked if I would buy it, and I answered honestly. Good luck, and I hope you sell 1000's of them.


        @ Max Power - hey thanks for the positive feedback. Yes and hopefully it will be all fun and games when its done.

        @ Archie_Vision - hey thanks for the honest feedback. yes the cartoony graphics aren't the greatest, but when I came to a decision on creating the game I decided that the cartoony look would save me lots of creation time in the long run. So the decision was based more on I could have a very pretty high detailed level to show off or I could have a fun, interactive complete game in about the same time seeing as theirs a lot more work then just graphics to a game (programming, animating, rigging, skinning, modeling, uvmapping, texturing,etc) the choice for me was obvious

        anyway thanks for the feedback again guys.


          Updated 1st post with new texture for the alien guard seen in the newest video.