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Little Pollock

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  • Little Pollock

    I've been documenting my WIP on a blog in the inter-spaces of the web. My friend suggested I post here to get more feedback. Good idea, since I'm switching gears a bit at this point and going simpler, cartoonier, and mobile.

    So I was re-reading a post over at got me thinking again. Am I asking too much of my first game? Wasn't my goal finishing a game that looked good? swapping out characters is very doable... So here's my idea. What if I make a simpler iOS game that fun and tests out making a game from scratch start to finish? Just like the students did only I can't work on it full time. I'm calling it Little Pollock. He's not textured just lamberts assigned to faces right now. Little Pollock is UV'ed, but the wolfs are not. He's low rez (obviously) so he should be able to work on older iOS devices also, or I'll keep that in mind and try.

    Little Pollock
    His head will turn with look direction tail will bounce as he moved and rotate as he turns, hands will bounce and react to shooting.

    Little Wolf Guard

    Little Wolf Soldier

    Enemies are not as simple. There's a lot to figure out here. How does AI work? What works on iOS? How does their health system work? Lots of questions, and research topics.

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    Also planning on using the same skeleton so I'll be able to share the same tail anim, heat and body bounces, and similar anim tree setups for most of the characters. There's also going to be Scientists, Workers for sure, and maybe some sort of turret gun or tank, altho that shouldn't be necessary since the Wolf Soldiers should be almost too tough to kill.


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      I just want to follow the thread,
      I think you are moving in the right direction,
      and you can always have iterative game releases and keep improving the art and making the gameplay more complex in every version.


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        I like where this is going,
        I have some suggestions:

        on the art side, prepare some quick overpaints on how your game has to look,
        and on the technical side, I would try to reduce the amount of textures and you can easily do that with a master texture for flat colors like one of this color wheels:

        Also try to use the opposites colors in the color wheel to different factions and to make the difference between the character, background, items... more obvious.

        (just some random toughs)


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          Thanks Xerges.

          They are all now UV'd and textured with 1 shader (each that could be optimized further). I've been playing around with colors. Not "there" yet but ballpark. There's still a LOT I want to do with textures to get a look and style. I'll probably go with this for now, rig and animate them, and get them into engine. I've been going over more anim tree tutorials (the 9 video tuts on the forums) Learning how to get their heads to work with look direction and get their body and tails to bounce walk/run.

          I feel like in comparison to the wolves Pollock looks young. I don't want him to look young as much as small. I'll have to play with the eye position a little


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            and just like that I change my mind! I think he should be darker color clothing since he's a secret agent infiltrating a base. I edited the eyes I think he's looking better, closer to what I wanted proportion wise.


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              in game video.

              Audio is quiet, sorry. Anyway this is the new little character that's going to be the secret agent running around this iOS game.
              Set up started as Jazz tutorial but the anim tree isn't the same at all, its more like the anim tutorials on the forums (the series of 9) I did set the gun up as a skeletal mesh and snap to the hand socket of the main char, so he can switch weapons eventually, vs just building it into the main character rig.

              Anyway just getting a character in level.
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                Looks good. Is he a fox? or just a redish wolf?


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                  he's a fox and the enemies are wolves. Its sort-a an animal kingdom world where the type of animal is their country.

                  Edit: the difference is more apparent in the bi-ped/humanoid versions of the characters you can see on my blog. I think texturing will help push the differences, and I can always go back and do another version of the models.


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                    so you're going with the magicly floating animals, or are they just stand ins for the more complex bipeds?


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                      magically floating animals. this is my first game. The main goal is to finish a game. then start another one that's more complicated, and another... Right now I switched to these to make it easier to get into game mechanics faster.
                      I have bi-peds modeled and some rigged but I don't want to take the time to animate all the things I need right now.


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                        Good luck David.
                        Wish you the best.
                        Really like the way this project is taking.


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                          Update, I've actually got a few updates since last posting on my blog (in my sig)

                          Here's the latest texture and mesh

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	rePaint2.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	61.2 KB
ID:	3248539

                          here's a video of the latest gameplay sort of walk though.


                          Getting things together, was mainly focusing on the visual quality. Still a ton of things to do of course. Next up is getting Pollock character update to the new mesh and texture. Get his anim tree back to the point it was before where there was better tail reaction. Along with all the level tweaks to get it up to par.

                          ... Then Bots and AI.