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5 Months UDK School Project

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    5 Months UDK School Project

    Hi guys.

    I just wanted to link an in game footage of the school project we've been working on since late January. The jury took place last wednesday (June 15th).

    We had lots of good comments and feedbacks, as well as critics.

    We were a team of five french students, each one with a main role.

    You can view it on one of my teammate's youtube account.

    My post is not really for promotion. We are proud of what we achieved, but it certainly wouldn't have been the same project without the help of many of u guys. My special thanks go to Blade[UG], DuckSauce, xnasorcerer, geodav, syntaxerror22. Thanks to the many others ponctual individuals, u guys helped a lot.

    Obviously, the game isn't bugfree, but hey, our goal is to learn

    And of course, we're waiting for ur c anc c !

    Thanks again, truly

    Best Regards

    Cela ressemble super! Je suis un Américain, et ne parlent pas français, mais j'ai utilisé Google translate juste pour obtenir mon accent sur ​​la façon dont une bonne grâce de cette apparence. Sera-ce pour le téléchargement?

    (This looks GREAT!! I am an American, and speak no French, but I used google translate JUST to get my emphasis through on how good this looks. Will it be up for download?)


      Thanks mate ! I really appreciate it.

      Well no, it won't be available for dl as the game, though made by ourselves, is under the copyrights of my school.

      Thanks for asking anyway