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Codenamed: SpaceBox (SpaceSandBox)

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    Codenamed: SpaceBox (SpaceSandBox)

    Hello World!
    Jester here.

    I would like to take the time to share with you what I am working on.
    But first, a little bit about me and my experience with UDK.

    2008-2010 (Educational years), I passed Games Development BTEC in the UK. For my final end of year project we were given a month to come up with whatever we wanted (Pretty much). I decided to go for a run around in UDK, even though I had never used the engine before.
    Through self teaching the last year of the course, I grew a passion for 3D Games Art (Unfortunately they never taught it to great depth).
    So with a month to go to showing our project to the public I had many sleepless nights as to push myself to get an environment out in UDK.

    'Hamlet' is what I came up with.

    From this project, I got employed to work for Futurlabs for a PlayStationHome task.

    Anywho, after around a year and here I am, ready to start a new project in UDK.
    I have been learning snippets of Unreal Script so that I can at least put very minimal gameplay into the game (Exploring and experiencing different options).

    This is where I come to say, join me on my journey of creating spacebox, offer me advise, confidence, motivation, ideas, help or whatever you have to offer (If you will and please)!

    My reasoning for creating spacebox was that it is of the completely different style and era to the medieval Hamlet. Much more of a challenge, no longer do you copy what a sword looks like (Hamlet), but now I have to make up many things and push my imagination to the maximum. What does a futuristic alien plasma generator look like? (I bet you all think of different things).

    Heres a blog I have setup for my latest project (Updated daily):
    Here is my portfolio which includes my last project (A year ago), 'Hamlet', along with some other work:

    Nice. I'll be following to see where this goes.

    -Mr. Illusive


      A weapon I am working on, would love crits, feedback or whatnot before I texture it!

      [SHOT] =AKIAJ6IHWSU3BX3X7X3Q&Expires=1310901796&Signature =8HhsHHABM309ph92%2F5TJ2ni%2BMk0%3D[/SHOT]


        My criticism would come into ergonomics. How is someone supposed to hold and use it comfortably, and how does one actually make use of the device, given that there appear to be no functional mechanisms such as buttons or triggers?


          It looks like a spaceship to me. Probably the lines like ambershee said.


            im not sure what ur poly-count is for it, but just remember to be careful when it comes to the 3rd person model. :-)

            i agree with ambershee, although, in the event that a cruel tone was being used; id drop that. its a promising start for a model. and tweaks will be easy.

            what is this sandbox about anyway? could u provide more details? PM me if its too private for forums.


              Poly count is 1.1K
              Triangle count is 2.2K

              3rd person mesh isn't in consideration yet, the player is the only one with this gun and the game is single player.

              Cheers for the feedback, keep in mind you will be seeing it from an FPS view so the back end of the weapon won't be in full view, nor would a trigger if I added one... Although I get what you are saying, and yes I feel it needs something towards the handle and the top part of the back.

              The Sandbox is being developed as I go along, NPC's are being made now the next plan is a visable inventory screen and a dropping system from the Npc's.
              After that I will be adding a unique, original crafting system where you can build the same NPC you will be training on.

              That's all I am saying for now though, don't want spoilers!


                High poly version, will start on the low poly soon and get it ingame.
                Will post something again when I have an environment to show