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Rainbow Star Girl - E3 EXPERIENCE ( fun video )

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    Rainbow Star Girl - E3 EXPERIENCE ( fun video )

    E3 - Indie Style! Who says you need a booth and a giant marketing budget. I just went anywhere I liked and did play tests where ever was convenient. Just reaffirming this new world of self publishing we live in. Just do it yourself and have fun.

    At one point I just sat in the Nintendo Booth and showed off my game. It was classic Awesomely fun! I highly recommend to all Indies out there. Thank you to all the people that played my game. It was fun meeting everyone. I am going to take all your comments in and try to make Rainbow Star Girl top notch. Also on a side note...sorry for any unwanted booby shots. I really did not do it on purpose!

    Anyway...having so many people play and like my game was awesome. Seeing people react the way they did...well...that is how i planned it when developing it..but seeing that...was worth it. I am setting out to make a game that is pure " girly fun love. " Hanging with my daughter for the past 4 years and living in a world of pink has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me

    Also...trolling developers was so much fun. Hope I didn't give them to many ideas. There were many WTF moments. Fun for me

    As always keep up with me on facebook..

    Also...I opened a store on Zazzle...just go to

    It seems like I have invented some crack ******* of cuteness for ladies. MUAHAHAA.

    No one likes my video sniff.


      I like it. I'm jealous. I love what you guys are doing to promote your game. One day I will have to do that. I would be so nervous though. Walking up and asking folks to play my game. I think I would do better if I buy a boomerang and shoot a copy of my game across the room and knock somebody in the head with it, and they pick it up and say "Ooh what game is this--cool!" lol.

      Anyway, good luck with it.


        Hi Nick Marks. It's me John Inman. Hehe, it's good to see you on here as well. I liked your video as well. Got a bunch of laughs out of it. And yes, that is good self promoting, especially at a big event, such as E3. Thats a very smart move I must say. I give you props for what you did and plus you had fun doing it, so win, win all the way around. I wish you the best of luck with your game and hope you make some good cash with it. Take care bro, see you around. Peace.

        John Inman


          It was a rather successful advertisement, since it has already got you 10k views (already just by having E3 in its name probably).


            Interview with me about my game


            WinWar-Be bold! you only live life once. Being scared will just give you a life left with regrets.

            Agent- Hey John! Thanks! hope you are well!

            Vembumees - Yes! I think so...i even got an interview out of it to boot