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First time mapper, first time modeller.

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    First time mapper, first time modeller.

    Hi all,

    2 weeks and 3 days ago I decided that I wanted to expand my horizons from audio to all of the other areas of game development to increase my usefullness, so I downloaded Maya and UDK and have been working through the tutorials in my free time. Here are some pics of my first original map. The terrain textures (grass texture and pathing stones) are from UDK, but the rest is all me. Is this any good? Feel free to say 'stick to audio'

    (haven't actually made many props to put inside here, so there're just a few lamps, books and a net on the ceiling, try to imagine pictures, chairs, tables, shelves, and a bar)

    Thanks for any feedback you can give this newbie


    I love the third shot the best
    The wood texture on the beams is really good, the "feel" of the environment is awesome..
    Second shot needs some more lighting can't see that much.
    It feels like an asian inspired medieval Time .
    texture feels / looks a little off on the Window Frames tho. (Remapping of texture should fix that I believe).

    For such a short period of time learning Maya / UDK you have picked it up really quickly, keep up the good work for sure.. Would love to see more.

    Just noticed the symbol on the lights. and the textures on those books Wow .

    Will be following thread to see more.


      Sweet! Thanks for the feedback, I knew something wasn't quite right about those windows, I'll update the texture when I get a chance. Texturing isn't my strongest point, I really don't enjoy mapping UVs, alludes me as to how people can accurately unwrap and texture a whole person, spose I'll just keep practicing!

      Thanks again for the feedback



        First thing I thought of when I seen the screens were the old Tenchu Stealth Assassin Games. It could use a lil more lighting, but I think it looks really good overall. Keep it up, should prove to be a good thing to watch.


          This is pretty good for a first time. With dedicated work and practice you will definitely get better. I like that you're willing to widen your range of skills. I started with environment design, and now I've moved on to full character modeling too. Once I've gotten a satisfactory amount of experience, I'm going to try to get programming under my belt too. Do not just stick to audio! As you said, expanding your abilities will only increase your usefulness.

          What program are you using for modeling? Max or Maya?

          As for UV's, they'll grow on you. I hated them at first, but they're pretty easy now. I've done UV's for characters as well as environment pieces, and neither are that bad. Of course I didn't think that 7 years ago...

          Keep it up man. Wanna see where you go with this.

          -Mr. Illusive