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3 new screenshots of my Mont-Saint-Michel map project

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    I agree with the others that the bsp is taking away the look of your level. If you can, I would export a few of the houses as OBJs into your favorite 3D application (Maya, Max, etc) and given them a little more detail. That way they houses don't have the hard edge look on them, and they look a little worn.

    Its a great start! I would like to see you push a little further!


      miatribe I should to say that Source has even more possibilities in BSP...
      And also, CSG at UT3 gets FPS away from editor. Amazing start tough, author, keep it up !!


        again, the buildings are not made out of bsp, they are modular meshes + i didn't have allot of time for this project so i had to suffer the looks of the meshes to get stuff finished!

        I'ts also my first big project and i'm not a great 3d modeler, i know the basics and i would like to learn more about it but hey i'm making progress and this project i learned allot about level design and 3d.

        I will get into more advanced 3d models etc and i will force myself to get to new levels in 3d.

        Any way thanks for the feedback, i appreciate it!


          That's good to hear.There's no rush when you're learning. As long as you're progressing and setting the bar higher with each project, that's how you improve. Keep it up!

          -Mr. Illusive


            Yeah i'm now sorta working on the optimization of the map, remove as much collision as possible and replace with simple collision and i'm also fiddling around with light maps to get better looks on playable parts and lower the light maps on spots you can't see.


              Originally posted by Mr.Illusive View Post
              I have to agree. The layout looks great, yet detailed meshes would look better than BSP. It looks too blocky. Take a look at some assassins creed environments and see how the buildings are composed to see how you can use meshes rather than bsp.

              -Mr. Illusive
              I love AC, but after playing for less than an hour, you realise that they REALLY got lazy and just repeated the same old building, a million times in each city, with only small variations in each of them, and a VERY small handful of unique building meshes. I call it modular disiese, its even worse in games like Prototype, Oblivion and Fallout 3. Everything just looks exactly the same and becomes VERY boring, VERY quickly, once the initial "wow factor" (which AC had a lot of) fades away.

              So, with that said, I thought this map looked really impressive. I have to agree I WAS reminded of UT2004, but thats my favourite UT game of all time, so I dont see that as a bad thing. Also, the graphics are a lot better than UT2004. Just because its BSP (or ISN'T, in this case), doesn't mean the map looks "ugly" or old. I used to use BSP all the time, but now I mainly use my own custom built models from 3DS Max, because BSP causes problems when things get too complex.