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    Hey all,

    I've started a project under the working title of "Tequila", which I'll be posting about here whenever I have interesting things to show and talk about.

    To kick things off, I spent last night figuring out how to make an infinite speeding landscape for a vehicle chase. Everything is done in matinee and kismet - no code / script - and using the art assets provided in UDK. I use a console command to display everything in Lighting Only mode for the super minimal / no textures look.

    Here's a video of it in motion - I'm controlling my own vehicle with WASD, and looking around / shooting with the mouse:


    you could give all of the objects a gray diffuse texture in their materials and then you would still have the normals and other effects minus the actual colors. not sure if that's the effect your're going for or if you just like the look of smooth gray items.

    It looks promising, keep with it.


      The best thing is I had to look hard at the video a third time to realize where it started repeating. Awesome.


        Kino: good to hear

        Hellclown: Yeah I thinking this would do for now (while I concentrate on prototyping gameplay), but the lack of particle effects in this mode is a bit annoying when it comes to scripting explosions etc. Now I just need to figure out how to do that (or find someone who can do it for me, hehe)...


          I took Hellclown's suggestion on board and figured out how to make some simplified materials, to get the flat texture look working without using the Lighting Only mode. The result is that I now have better control over some aspects of lighting, and particle effects now display

          I also started seeing how much gameplay I can make out of the setup / approach I'm using, resulting in some generic enemies firing from the ship, and the ship exploding when it takes a certain amount of damage. Hopefully it emphasises that this isn't a typical on-rails shooting situation, and that I'm actually controlling the ship myself.

          Here's a new screenie:

          And here's a new video:


            Very nice!

            I'm impressed. You probably want an insta-hit weapon for that gameplay.

            The slo-mo was a very nice detail.

            I'm hereby subscribing to this thread!


              Cheers, agreed (a futuristic desert eagle type weapon is what I have in mind), and hooray!


                teeeequila, my fav drink

                looking good dude


                  Cheers matey!

                  Incidentally, I thought I might as well mention here that if any experienced programmers reading this would be interested in helping out on Tequila, feel free to get in touch. These videos i've posted so far don't fully represent the intended core mechanics of the game, but if you're interested I have documentation to show you and we can talk