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[WIP] Rage inspired environment

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    [WIP] Rage inspired environment

    Hey, Im currently working on an environment influenced by the upcoming game "Rage." Im lookin for crit, advice, pointers... anything.

    Also, the buildings in the background are not mine. They will be replaced soon enough.

    You may recognize some of these assets from my rubble thread:

    Its not finished yet, I still wanna add signs, traffic lights, cables, pipes, sidewalks...

    But I think im on the right track.

    Also, I need advice/tuts abt the best way to light an outdoor environment. Any links?

    a couple things that caught my eye are the pillars, I cant see any construction company in the world putting up pillars like that.

    the sinkhole should have some sort of roadway remaining in it.

    you have space for a 6 lane highway from 1 side to the other and only one road in it.
    environements should make sense, base it off a real world picture or have some sort of basis for it.

    modeling looks good, its just placement of it that is eye catching.


      Also, the ground level road is placed higher that the buildings' ground levels. Is there a reason for that?


        ya. much of the scene doesnt make much sense. i'll experiment with moving stuff around.

        the pillar may have to stay cuz im short on time.


          first impression is actually totally fine.

          good tone and colour etc.

          the odd spot for me personally is when the road deck ends and just the stadning pillar remains.

          what happened to the deck sections that were on that pillar!!!

          they seem to have vanished and not fallen down in any form...


            they were origionally there, but they overpopulated the floor.

            right now, im workin on the chunks of rock that make up a set of that road. Its really tricky because they have to look like they fit together to make a road piece.

            So, the missing chunk of road will be there... eventually. lol

            Another thing im currently workin on is piping for under the highway, and a few metal assets (cuz everything in the scene is rock, so far).


              try adding a small amount of DOF to make the rear buildings blur just a bit. Nothing overwhelming, just something to simulate the eye.


                To avoid reiteration, I'll point out the one thing overall.

                It doesn't feel like it was once a city that was destroyed.

                Look at your composition and think to yourself what a city really looks like. What are some of the things you notice in real life that are or are not happening in your image.

                1-The major highway (though collapsed) was headed directly towards the downtown skyscrapers. A highway can run along side of structures yes, but not into them. You could put a gap between some of those buildings in the distance to preserve the suspension of disbelief and allow me to think that the gap in the distance is where the highway continues.

                2-Your smaller surface street is only on one side of the highway. I suggest you put another one on the left side of the highway to allow for traffic to reach the buildings you have placed on the left side. Heck you could even put some roadway between a few of the residential buildings you have in the foreground.

                3- I think you should retry the support pillars. Honestly it's probably their fault the darn highway collapsed in the first place. They don't look solid due to the striations between each section of pillar considering how thin they are. Try using a nice thick cylinder bsp and adding a few static meshes to add some design on the pillars or take care of how they interface with the highway and the ground. The middle pillar looks like it would be placed right on top of your small road.

                Personally I enjoy your lighting, and think you've done an excellent job there. I really "Feel" the imagery because I see destruction... but I also sense it as well. The air seems a bit dusty and murky, the light color is a bit saturated... it really comes off well if you ask me. I will say this though, your sky is more cloudy to the right where as that is the direction your dominant light source seems to be emanating from.

                Hope it helps, this is good stuff so far.


                  I realized that all I did was point something wrong out. xD
                  Your actual work is very nice it is just the believability tbh.


                    Alright, here's an update on the lighting. I decided not to move the road around and stuff cuz it kinda kills the flow of the scene. However, I am going to redo the support pillars once I get a chance.

                    Also, im still making other assets like pipes, wires, trash, and stuff. I also wanna redo one of the buildings cuz its ugly.


                      Im afraid I dont see it ur way. I mean, I cant see the issues is scale. However, I did make a few edits to the depth of field so it should be a little better.

                      Im really happy with how the sun and water turned out. Also, im glad how subtle the chromatic aberration is. I think it really adds the the scene.
                      At one point, I did play around with lens flair, but decided it wasn'[t a good idea.
                      Also, I think im about finished with the lighting and post processing. So now I can get back to adding assets.



                        I think its very good Rooster matey..The lighting looks good.
                        nice simple design..maybe give it some life.A minor point of interest.A person kneeling on there knees in dismay.A flock of birds flying out of collapsed building..Even a dead bird in foreground.
                        Anyways looks great well done.


                          Looks great man.

                          If you are using this as a portfolio peice, may I suggest you use the 3 rules of a good photograph.

                          Subject, Light, and Background

                          You have the light and background down, but what is the subject. Find something that draws your eyes to it, and you will have a professional looking shot. Just remember that your eyes are naturally draw to light, use that to your advantage when choosing the 'Subject' and 'Background' for your picture.

                          Then all you have to do is create other shots to show off your level design.


                            Alright, I thought a lot about what you guys have said and here's the result.
                            Im gonna call it finished within the next few days. Maybe a few tweaks here and there, depending on what you guys say...


                              That looks fantastic!