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PluviA (successor of Minecraft and Tetris with PhysX)

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    Looking good, I think activity's been down due to school getting back in. Love it, nothing to fix.


      nope, I was just playing Garrys Mod for HL2 and was making maps for it
      Thanks very much, but I'm not sure that there is nothing to fix, so I need some comments to see what is wrong


        From up there it looks good, how 'bout from the ground?

        Okay you could tweak the fog down JUST A LITTLE, not too much.



          I'm planning to make a shader for blocks that will cast the outlines a bit, it will be beautiful.. Also I have to edit the textures and UV
          I'm scared that if the fog is reduced than other landscapes like the Africa and even the edge of the map will be visible from the coast, because I want to make all the distances to look very big


            okay, here are 2 pictures:
            -Made weather
            -Made a normal for rock
            -Made Matinee Clouds (fully controlable)
            -Added the shading of stretched surfaces of rocks, it looks a bit better


              It looks really cool so far; Are you planning to add any snap features? For example, if someone wanted to make a tower of single blocks, they could place a block on top and the game would center it to the top of the tower. Otherwise, i'm thinking the building methods would be very similar to Jenga. I could be wrong though!


                yay thx!

                well, I didnt plan to make it as an arcade builder game, just because if the code was initializating the constructions and buildings of players it would require at least one week and some fresh mind, that I haven't at all, so players will need to make some kind of basements for them that will lift them up to let them build the roof etc. Also, I'm sure that if this project sees the end then, along with my plans and ideas, players wont build the same buildings, because they wont have one type of blocks enough (for example, angle L blocks). When they build a good shelter and other things like food from hunted animals and water then they will try to collect only one type of blocks, like cubes or 2x1x1 for example . I hope that this concept would require players' creative minds.

                So I need to know what the side of this project will be the best, so vote here please


                As I know, there are no any games which are made by ideas and concepts I have exactly and there is no any definition of genre like this genre, so I'm walking through the mined field.

                UPDATE hehe
                I finally created an everything in my notebook. Blocks fall only at the sunny weather. BUT in a thunder or heavy rain the blocks which are unused by player will turn to a tornado and will fly backward to the sky, that is the way how blocks recycling may work in this strange project.


                  Here is some video showing some things I've made
                  Hope you will enjoy.

                  This is also showing how the camera should to appear in a usual gameplay as..:
                  I stabylized the camera so it is not so shaky as in my previous videos, it was simply made in a UTScript and Pawn Sockets..

                  And... An updated logo I have no idea why did I do it when there is no even 5% of progress at my project, but every of the art works motivates the developers to continue the development

                  (HD Version here)


                    Outlook from the mountains:
                    It also shows that the landscape wont be small


                      And, finally, the Earth on current stage:

                      Please be free to comment and to dislike the videos


                        While the idea is fine to play with and modify, the name should not be duplicated. You should probably stick to Pluvia.


                          You are totally right.

                          But ! If it was named like it was earlier, you wouldnt comment there, do you get it ? not only you.

                          I'm just disappointed because of uninterest


                            Dont get worked up over that. Just keep doing things and try to set your project apart from others.

                            If nothing else, changing the name like that will only draw people to the project that will be disappointed to see that it is not related.

                            Make something novel and enjoy yourself. If its fun, people will come join you in loving the work you do. Otherwise, it will get shelved eventually.


                              yea thanks for such the tips, I'm just an egoist which wants to get some pretty flattery
                              Though, I chose to shelve it never, because the project will have some thinking and thoughts, and the idea of that momentally brings me up to work and get some enjoyment..

                              so, what about the 'project' itself ?


                                What about it?