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PluviA (successor of Minecraft and Tetris with PhysX)

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    PluviA (successor of Minecraft and Tetris with PhysX)

    Pluvia means The Rain (latyn)

    Main Idea:

    Didn't understand the meaning of this thing ?

    The main idea of this project is the Tetris-like Rain of random stuff. The player have to survive of hunger, animals and the rain and he has to build a shelter which will help him to keep out from all these hazards.

    Some blocks (random shapes, random colors, random texture) are begin... to fall from the sky, like the rain full of ... blocks?! You must use your basic "physics gun" to build from these blocks something that looks like a house to survive in the next blockstorm. Rain can become very strong, but can be very seak. The rain may to move through all the map. It happens sometimes in the rainy/stormy weather. All the blocks which aren't used to move by a player will be deleted until the next rain will come.

    While the sky drops some Tetris-like blocks, the player may to make some really cool fortress. However, he wont be able to make the same buildings because all the shapes and materials of blocks are varied and it's a bit hard to turn them to one type of blocks, that is why the player will have to use his imagination and creativity.

    I'm planning to use wide gameplay and game mechanics. Luckily, it is easy project to create. (no any meshes except shapes, no any difficult textures, no any huge coding. The most part of the gameplay will be created by... a player)

    The multiplayer is too unstable to be made at first, so I'm making an one-player Adventure Mode. When the player gets bored in this mode he will can to go for multiplayer challenges or battles (just as from a Sandbox mode to the other gamemodes of Garry's Mod for example)

    Easy game to make I think (relatively to some other UDK indie-games), but it is a way better and easier to make than my zombie survival thing I wanted to make earlier.

    Let you see in details ..:


    Pentomino party
    (though it is better to say polycube and even polyform party)

    Since the blocks have to be used to build smthing, many of them have cubic form.
    I've got 25 different shapes with some type of symmetry which equal to polyminos (2D formations which are composed of squares) and 10 of other random shapes (including clean polycubes), for example:

    The player will have to build an every construction from it, like these rectangles were:

    The player will be able to move at any location of the map to discover new fields, dungeons, lakes, forests, deserts and mountains. He will have to journey until he will find resources enough and will make his own static shelter which will be a home, because the water, bed and food are incredibly important. Yea, just like Bear Grylls.

    fantasy world

    currently I decide to make 2 available maps to play in:
    One of them is called Fantasy world it will has colorful landscapes, huge mountains, deep oceans and other experiments with UE3 ...

    real world (EARTH)
    and, the map that is better, is real world. It has a landscape from the Earth. Made the South/North Americas and the Australia at this time. I will put there a real climate, landscape (based on the heightmap), animals and foliage (ready for 30%) I chose it, because this game and gameplay have so much general with our life - only the conception of way from prehistoric civilization to space invanders reminds me of OurSelves. Also, in multiplayer it will be funnier and much comfortable to know, that "your mega-super building is placed on Cuba, your hunting place is USA and you are planning to make a ship to travel in the Europe to visit your friends online". Sounds strange.


    What things do you need to do to be alive in this game ?

    1.Find the water
    You need to find the water (it comes with the rain or at the oceans), but you will get a disease if you will drink the salt or bad water. You will be able to transport the water in... Bottles (small containers you can pick up), Plumbing (that will transport the water from A to B) or Vehicles (you can put the bottles or another containers to the vehicles and move it)

    2.Find the food
    Food can be found at the foliage and animals (you need to craft a weapon and hunt them). Without food your energy ability will fall down

    3.Restore the Energy
    You can do it by sleeping. Every of an action you are doing (the travelling, grabbing the blocks or being with disease) will make your energy to go down.

    4.Watch your head
    Unluckily, the rain of rock and metal hurts a bit. The shelters will help the player to make a roof that defends from the random and unexpected falling stuff.

    5.The animals
    Wolves, bears and snakes won't help you to survive.

    Every of material (except an air and the water) can be crushed or edited in some way:
    When you get a needed tool (for example, a pickaxe for the stone or the scissors for the tissue), you can break it to the needed pieces and chunks or to craft something of it. I have more than 50 ideas of crafting. It will be placed at my site below.

    By mixing and crafting out all the materials and shapes by different instruments the player will get abilities to construct the transport, wires, plumbing, guns, tools, crazy machines and luminous paintings...



    #1 Little physics test !

    #2 The Rain (the second video)

    #3 The Rain + Destruction (particles, sounds, clouds and other stuff)

    #4 The landscape on early stage

    #5 ?!

    #6 Updated version with bunch of random stuff

    #7 Making Eurasia and Africa


    P.S. Sorry [SHOT] doesn't work for me.

    What do you think about this ? Look through my videos and post some comments, please. I'm so a newbie at the gamedev (though modding is my passion forever) so any help would be.. awesome. Hope you enjoyed the idea !

    The beginning sounds like the beginning of the first Hitchhiker's book.

    Sounds interesting though.



      Anyway, I'm inspired of minecraft, garrys mod and other sandboxes. I love this genre, I dont know ANY unpopular game of this genre (maybe my game will be the first ). I think future games of open-world genres will use huge random maps, way of buidlings etc. Dont want to copy Garry's Mod and Minecraft to this 'plane with colored blocks'...

      Little physics test !

      I checked, that it is very laggy if the blocks come with shadow. But without it the rain of shapes (in that video there is only shapes' tube) working COOL ! No lags, perfect FPS ! It means, that my project has a chance to be alive !


        My udk stopped to work. I planned to show there some screenshots... But I modded UTPlayerController as well so even backup couldnt help.

        In the time of redownloading UDK from the site I created a "logo" and new name for this game (it was named PLUVIA. It means the rain)

        Almost all the shapes are made from 36x36x36 cubes. I was testing for a long time what the best size of shapes. And I found it !

        If you found the game a little-little bit unusual (in a good way :O) please give me some advices if you know so.

        I started to work with that project. Some concept.. :

        Basic Materials:
        Metal (iron)
        Painted (like Wool in minecraft for example)
        Water (non-solid)
        Saplings (non-solid, used for planting trees and other vegetation on the ground)

        Every of those material types has unique structure that has own density, strenght, friction, rarity, craft-ability, shape and size. Some of them will be great for construction and some of them - for crafting etc. The energy is most special material - it can be used as fuel and as electricity.
        If the health of some block is < 0.1 then it breaks down for many cubes with the dimension 0.333*x, where the X is player height.

        From some special shapes of many materials player can build other things, tools, weapons, special blocks, another materials and other stuff. For example, to craft a nailer you should to click one time RMB on the metal shape with the size 0.333*0.333*0.333*x*x*x (x=player's height) and to click one time RMB on the wood shape with the size 0.333*0.666*0.333*x*x*x..
        As you see, the programming part is very easy for pro-coder (unfortunately I'm the worst programmer ever) except some physics details and in-game engines.

        I am ashamed so much because I didnt include any of screenshots or videos to prove all the words I just wrote. I've just planned the game and I need to say that with engine like Unreal this game should work perfectly and I have to make it fast..

        I tested constrains and thrusters - it works perfectly. That means, that there will be human-constructed weldings and vehicles !


          Sounds nifty - look forwards to seeing what it looks like when it's playable


            *Warning: constraints don't work when trying to constrain more than 2 rigid bodies together. Having more than 1 constraint in a system causes a ton of wiggling, sometimes the actors will fly around and disappear.

            As far as I know there is no way around this short of remaking constraints entirely or turning off the physics/collision for the blocks. I've been experimenting with solid constraints for months now, much to my dismay. =/


              ****.. These words broke almost everything I wanted to reach. I'll check myself, who knows. But if it doesnt get as well, I'll go for something like Unity or even HL2 that is great for Physics

              Well, Hinge Constraint works perfectly with 4 of rigid bodies.

              Hmm... But some things like Prismatic constrain cant be used even in TWO of rigid bodies ! The objects start to fly and to bug at all, as you said. That Unreal constraints stuff is very buggy.


                The constraints that have at least one degree of freedom aren't too bad, but it's still pretty easy to aggrevate the system into chaos unfortunetly.

                Solid welds however just won't work, the best way to see this is to weld things far apart, or weld things that are touching. Far apart welds wiggle a ton, just use the phys_gun and you'll see. Touching welds have a bad tendancy to start moving, best way to see this is to construct a box using 6 actors, and weld them together.

                I'm pretty sure the problem is all of the constraints are blissfully unaware of the existances of other constraints, and as such the corrections other constraints are making.


                  May be. I made 6 actors(it is cylinders) and welded it by a Hinge and made the hinge's axes of a cylinders not to rotate. All the construction can be pushed and picked up by a gun fine


                    As you see, the project will be... *khe-khe*... unusual at least.. That is my first skeletal model so dont pick up on me

                    I made a cubic head because it is simply to texture, fine to look from real first person and just original

                    Texture is just for test. Some things about living in that strange world of falling shapes:
                    1. You need Water - Drink it or make some bottle and place it on the ground - if the water-rain comes the bottle will be full of water and will be ready to drink..
                    2. You need Energy - not a block. when you are sprinting and grabbing blocks too much (or another activity) you need to restore your energy by sleeping.
                    3. You need Food - you can hunt birds (I'm planning to make about 5 different birds) or you can grab some fruits and vegetables from the vegetation. (or you can make a fishing rod and catch some pretty gold fish )
                    4. Health - if you haven't something as I wrote enough you will loose your health. It can be restored by time or by fruits and hand-made medicaments.


                      the game sounds good and interesting
                      the model.. uhm. I'd say try either going for some semi-abstract shapes (ie. more human looking), or get rid of the curves entirely (ie. make it *all* be of boxes, no curvy arms, no bends on the knees). since you're going for original and boxy thing I'd suggest the latter


                        Thanks, the real fact is that I tried much of different models on the paper. With my terrible modelling skills I made somehow more or less the best body I chose..

                        I tried to model in 3dMax cubic hands and cubic legs, but there are some disadvantages - it is difficult to animate, it looks not so human looking as you said and also, if you played Minecraft you would know that I would repeat the style of this game if I chose the cubic style. If you think that it is not so important I will say that when my game is finished the players will compare (if somebody is weird enough to play it) my models with the models of Minecraft. Everybody who played it knows, nobody likes plagiary.. (i'm talking about 242634 Minecraft clones. I hope my game will be as different, as elephants and the butterflies are different). I should to notice that my signature is just for some additional attention. Really it is not Minecraft and Tetris...
                        The hands were the most difficult there. Even now it looks ugly, so I have to replace it.

                        On these weeks I should to make a site/blog at some free hosting to describe all the gameplay, its detailes and other stuff. But I'm sure that not more than 5 will read that. Whatever.


                          yeah I get what you mean. I was thinking something along the lines of [ this ] from The Witcher papercraft fan video, but I guess it is all too similar to minecraft
                          I guess finding a unique art style doesn't blend too well with not-so-good modelling skills :/
                          good luck


                            thanks, it is just my first model. I made it in 1.5 hour (so easy to make and so long..), so I would get some more if I tried to create the model for a longer time and if I had more practice everything is just like on the paper except the hands... I will construct this model again.

                            About Terrain: I'm planning to use one big terrain. Currently, we are sitting on the chairs which are placed on this terrain. I'm talking about Earth. I chose it, because this game and gameplay have so much general with our life - only the conception of way from prehistoric civilization to space invanders reminds me Our Selves. Also, in multiplayer it will be funnier and much comfortable to know, that "your mega-super building is placed on Cuba, your hunting place is USA and you are planning to make a ship to travel in the Europe to visit your online friends" I hope those dreams arent so far away. Currently I made 5 textures of landscape. It means, that there are some types of rock, some types of grass, water and sand..

                            Controls :
                            WASD - up-left-down-right
                            E-Kick the object you see. If this object is too low, pawn will use its leg. If it isnt, it will smash it by hands or things in your hands. I though it would be amazing tools to play some games like football in-game. I do crazy ideas doesnt me ? :O
                            Q-"Holster Weapon". i.e. you will put down in inventory every thing in your hand and will make the hands clear from these things. It can be used if you need some action that can be performed only by hands.
                            Inventory :
                            Currently, I'm planning to use inventory with the only 3 cells. That is why you need to make a vehicle (to control by fuel of Energy blocks) or at least some hand-controllable cart or wagon (to push it) to transport your stuff..
                            LMB to grab a shape and RMB to perform some action. When you has tools you will use it by clicking RMB. When you has some fruits you can use RMB to eat it. Or, at least when you has got one free slot in your inventory you can to grab it in..

                            Currently I made..
                            some part of the controls
                            scratch of the crafting - my code initializates grabbed objects and it makes something (for example creates a welder) if you selected two different classes of shapes.
                            5 landscape textures
                            the scratch of player model
                            First Person System
                            the scratch of the rain - my code places some rain and then random concrete blocks fall down. Rain is moving in random direction. I'm planning to make different types of rain and random dynamic strength of it.
                            I'm planning HUD only now..
                            ready to listen your comments..
                            I've replaced the concrete with rock



                              Concrete,Wood,RedStone,WhiteStone and metal
                              Attached Files