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    My Dissertation Thread


    hey guys, I decided to make a UDK mod for my dissertation. Its basically about the UDK pipeline and how mod/indie/commercial games are made using UDK

    Im making a mod called "The Boat". It's set in post apocalyptic America (i'm sorry lol) and you play a guy called Dennis and your objective is to get to a boat off the coast of Miami which will take you to Europe. Dennis meets a little girl called Rosalina and he believes that if he helps her karma will help him get to his daughter(who is on holicay/vacation in Europe)

    PS: how does the story sound. Be honest lol. Is it making you gag lol. The karma thing is based on the DISAPPOINTING LOST finale. Karma is just one of those things in between lol

    at the moment i'm just wrapping up the UV Unwrapping and baking stuff then next week I will start texturing. I would LOVE critics and pointers (especially baking/polys. Be as cruel as you like :0). I'm hoping to go into CGI/become a game artist and i'm starting a masters degree in September so i need as much help as possible lol

    here are some videos and artwork
    please note: the weapons in the videos are just stand in weapons i 'borrowed' from Turbosquid when I was a noob and couldn't texture bake lol

    [will post pics in a sec]

    NEW VID!!!!!

    lol sorry i took a while to upload pics, im UV Unwrapping at the mo and that shizzle just kills my soul lol

    here's a bunch of WIP weapons. i started some of these models aaages ago so excuse some of their n00bness lol. My modellings improving day by day tho. The turbosmoothed pieces are high poly pieces that I will use to bake cakes and muffins :0). trying to improve my hard surface modelling too. coming along smooothly. Kinda learning stuff the hard way too lol



      critics are moooore than welcome. be as harsh as you want, thats the only way I will learn (after i wipe the tears from my eyes lol)

      -some of the test bakes will be edited later/edited in photoshop (eg the bottom pic)

      -some Ngons need to be fixed. i'll do it after I UV Unwrap some of the things

      -this work is UBER rushed as well by the way so I missed out on alot of detail and stuff. I think I took on abit too much


        woop i looooooove texture baking. special thanks to Racer, UDK gurus and the Polycount Forum guys for their help

        this is a prop for an NYC subway level thing. getting there slowly but surely lol. this is my first low poly model made from a high poly model lol. usually i do it the other way round




        the high poly stuff is on like level 1 because my poor laptop is being kiiiiiiiiiiiilled lol
        just need to edit some of the errors in photopshop. TBH i think some of them are silly smoothing group errors grrrrr


          new vid of flare gun and Spas12. the Spas12 doesnt have that much detail coz i forgot to bake some of the floating pieces grrrrrr. no time tho so im just going to frigging keep going lol