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Fairy FD 2 Transformer W.I.P

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    Thanks Alexin!

    Heres another update with some grunge and decals

    I have a small problem at the moment though where the air intake on the right hand sides faces are flipped. This only happens on the animated model and not on the unanimated version , anyone have any suggestions? :s


      Don't use photobucket ...


        Yes. is an easy, reliable free image host.


          I have managed to remake the animation and soundtrack. I used a miture of samples from some free websites, I also managed to incroporate some of the sci-fi sounds from the pod racers which link in really well with the transformer theme

          Sadly it's for a uni module so it's been very rushed and I have not been able to spent as much time as I would have liked on certain areas. If this wasnt the case I would spend far more time adjusting and twaking the sounds and the animation but there arent really many marks awarded for the animation in relation to modelleing and texturing.

          I have managed to set up a jet engine , but I need to change the color and setup a matinee/toggle to turn it on and off.

          I need to setup the cameras and lighting aswell as it is currently built up of 5 directional lights which is quite bare.

          One last thing , I am thinking of setting up smoke or sparks for when the robot slides but I am not really sure how to go about it, as theres not really much time left