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Watering Hole and Asphalt

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    Watering Hole and Asphalt

    [this post has to be split into three parts due to me having 20 pictures]

    I haven't worked with the UDK in a while (I usually work with UEd2.0 back with UT99), and these are the first two things I've started to work on (using objects from UT3 and ones from UDK).

    Watering Hole was the first thing I started to work on, being more of an attempt at making something that was more for aesthetic than gameplay. It was never set up to be played, I was just trying to see how good I could make something look.

    At first, Watering Hole started out like this:

    (first UDK session on DM-WateringHole (about 15 minutes))

    After a little work...

    Time for some waterfalls...

    Argh, too dark!

    The addition of Center Dish...

    Some more lighting...

    A Post Process Volume to help out the water... (the underwater lights were actually vaguely inspired by Titanic)

    [Watering Hole Continued]

    More lighting yet...

    Time travel forward about one day's worth of work!!

    As of now, Watering Hole actually has a height fog actor in place, giving the water a misty look (I plan on stacking another on top of it, like in the next map right here).




      The second map I started to work on was more for practice on Kismet. I haven't worked with it much, so I decided to give it a go. So far the map's got everything it needs to function (playerstarts that have been orientated to not face walls, lighting, path nodes, weapons, ammo, health, etc.) like a basic arena. It's not a map that I went into intending to make a beautiful-looking map, so it's gonna look a little 'clunky'.

      Asphalt actually has two height fog actors stacked on one another. The first is your standard gray, which you see off of the edge of the map (which is built to look like the top of a skyscraper). The fog completely obscures the streets (I'll be adding streets at some point) and the bottoms of the buildings. The second height fog actor is orange/yellow, giving the illusion that the yellow buildings in the background are actually affecting the color of the gray fog.

      The map is blurry because it's in a Post Process Volume. There are currently two sound effects on the map; wind and rain. The PP Volume works in conjunction with the sound effects to give the map that rainy look (I'll look into actually adding rain through a particle system later, I'm still not sure how that works).

      Down that ramp is the map's UDamage, around which I've set up a simple Kismet sequence.

      This here is the Kismet sequence that is tied to the UDamage powerup. When the powerup spawns, a quiet, low sound of thunder can be heard all around the map (actually, that sound effect isn't an ambient sound, every player will hear it regardless of where he is, at the same volume). That's the cue that should tell players that something happened in the map. The next part of that sequence (my personal favorite part) involves when the UDamage has been picked up. When picked up by a player, a very loud, very sharp crack of thunder is triggered by the Kismet sequence, letting you know that somebody now has the powerup.... Plus, you feel a little BA when you pick up a UDamage and summon lightning to strike...

      It's a simple sequence, but I'm just starting to learn about the Kismet editor, and that's what I got out of it in about fifteen minutes of experimentation.

      More to come, hope you all enjoyed the pictures.

      (as of now on the UDK, I'm out of commission. I'm getting a nasty error with it that I posted in the Support section of the forums)

      Sorry for the three separate posts... I had no idea I had a limit of 9 pictures a post (first time on these forums), and the map title included both map names...