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Project: Soldado Universal behind the real history

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    Project: Soldado Universal behind the real history

    "Soldado Universal", is a Thesis project from Software Engineer Faculty of The Peruvian University - UPC (

    The project consist in simulate the most famous hostage rescue operation "Chavin de Huantar" that ocurred in Peru in 1997. A Peruvian terrorist group (MRTA) took the Japanese Embassy in Peru and took 72 hostages. The rescue operation was executed by the Peruvian Army. All the hostages were saved and all the terrorist were defeated.

    This project looks to simulated the rescue operation to mantain the history live
    and pay a tribute to all the soldier who participated in the operation

    Soldado Universal will be deliver free of charge to Peruvian Army and will be distributed for free via internet to the civil society.

    Soldado Universal use the Unreal Engine 3.5 (release:08-2009). The first part of the project was developed by two persons(Me and my collaborator) in 3.5 months.

    All the assets and programming was develop by the team (2 persons) except the Soldier, Terrorist and Hostages 3D models (it was download from:

    The first part of the project consisted in developed the artistical concept, the characters, the weapons, the 3d embassy, the tunnels, and program the GUI and weapon logic. An a basic implementation of Artificial Intelligence

    The second part of the project will cover a more complex Artificial Intelligence, a multi-player module, a system of point based on the shooting acuracy.

    The third(Extra Thesis) part of the project will cover the implementation of a interfase to a custom hardware to use it like a Trainning Simulation System.

    Any question about the development of the project do not hesitate to ask
    If you are a 3d artist or udk/uscript programmer and want to participate in this free project you can contact us with a personal message.

    Carlos Castañeda(smartfox8)

    Very Counter-Strike, but off to a good start.

    How about a video of some of the action?


      I like this a lot. Brings me back to the good days of Rainbow Six for the N64. I'm very impressed at all of this.


        yeeeah it reminded me rainbow six times too :')

        felicitaciones, saludos desde Colombia =)


          Originally posted by Max Power View Post
          Very Counter-Strike, but off to a good start.

          How about a video of some of the action?
          I forgot to write the link of the video:

          This youtube link is a in-game video, I hope you enjoy.


            Originally posted by [FuN]Fortress View Post
            I like this a lot. Brings me back to the good days of Rainbow Six for the N64. I'm very impressed at all of this.
            I didn´t know about Rainbow Six but coming from Tom Clancy's books well you make me a honor. Thanks for that.

            About N64 I hope it would not be a satire for the 3D quality . Sadly in our team we don't have a professional artist, We had to read about 3D modelling, graphic design and even some cine theory to understand a little bit of art (thanks Google) . But to being engineers I think we made a good job XD. Unreal is a very impresive Game Engine We are sure we can improve the project,

            We are eager to learn more about this great technology. If anyone could give us some advices how to improve the graphic quality it will be very helpfull.
            Any critics, advices will be welcome.

            I posted a Youtube Link about Soldado Universal I hope you Like it.


            Carlos Castañeda (smartfox8)


              pretty ok so far

              to improve the quallity of the scene I would use some Detail textures for the texturing part.. and pretty highres meshs for the building because the building is in the center.
              I would use the Fog actor to get a nice ambiental feeling.

              and use Ambient lighting in the world settings property and tint blue a little bit.

              Use 5 Bounces for the GI.(more lighting on indirectlit objects)
              Change the Directional Light intensity to 1.3323 (according to sun)

              set the ambient occlusion quallity to High if you make screenshots and change the power to a lower value.
              Or use your own custom SSAO ( I dont like udks build in SSAO)

              next we should add some more vegetation and some distance objects.

              for the guns I would use some 2048² Diffuse Textures and 2048² Normal maps.

              and use some Cubemaps for reflection ( you will find lots of tuts in this forum).

              maybe use some paralax occlusion mapping (in UDK its called Bump offset) for the ground materials.

              but you realy should concentrate on your lighting and the Lightmapresolution of each mesh to get a depth look to it


                niiiice, lookin good. weapons need hands

                if you're having problems with fps hands like i did you could make some hand models and attach them to the weapon in 3DS Max or w/e you used. you could use the same hands mesh just like in Counter Strike