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Legend Alive - Gamplay video

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    Legend Alive - Gamplay video

    This is the first video which demonstrates a little bit of Legend Alive's
    gameplay. We are using a system of chain combo in real time gameplay.

    Link Youtube

    Woo. Nice work, man. How far along is this project? The combat looked really smoothe, and the characters were well animated. I get the feeling that someone was playing Kingdom Hearts when this was made.

    What kind of game will this be? How will the combat moves be activated? This is an action RPG, right?

    Can't wait to see more.


      The gameplay mechanics look solid and the animations are great!
      Looking really good, man!

      May I ask about the team? How many are you and what experiences do you have?


        This looked more physics driven than animation driven, is that correct? So the knockbacks and falling of the enemies are physics-based?

        Was looking really good.

        What's the challanges in the combat, what makes the player have to think about his button presses?

        Subjectivly I didn't really enjoy the setting and the environments you guys used, but I presume this is early areas?

        Also glad to see that there's more people that like


          Awesome work. The animations look very fluid which is extremely important for this type of game plus the physics look really good too.


            Very professional looking. Well done.


              Hi guys! Thanks all for the comments.
              Note: video copilot ownz!!!

              about buttons and battle system: we have 2 buttons, where each button after you press it, you will have 2 path to choise inside a combo. All time you have pressed a button and choise a path a diferent combo is possible. But you need unlock that paths on skill shop.

              The physics is some time animations and some time in game physics

              TheDopeFish: yeah this is the aerly areas... The first level of the game. Can be more beautfull the graphis, but I am the only modeler from the game. And I cant loose a lot off time modeling single models or the time of gamedev will increase. *
              Just now I am having some help with modeling... 2 guys entered on the dev team to help me.

              We have 3 programers, 2 animators, 1musician and your band, and now 3 3D modelers.... On the video above all models was modeled by me, but on next videos the models of my friends will appear.

              Adamadeus: we are about 6 months in this project. And yeah, this game will be a action rpg


                Looks real cool. I giggled a little when the video said (something like) Get Ready for Action!, and then showed the player pulling a lever to open a door.


                  looks great man, its already looking very playable


                    Looks awesome.


                      Max power: In the true the phrases represents the before scene, not the after scene. But sorry if that didn't passed the idea and appear confused... That was my fault! Thanks for the comment!